Friday, December 19, 2008

Okay. starting from the top. the one with the Brown hair is Rylie, she's trying to impress the black haired guy, who's Charm. The blue haird dude is Canis, who always seems to be on the computer for some weird reason... the one with their hair in pigtails next to canis is Rose Mary, cuz she looks worried about us, like how she always is. the grey haired one is Okami, being all happy for Jin whose singing cuz she's being random. cuz jin and okami are the perfect frenimies. Then the purple haired one with the ponytail is Adeen, eating to her hearts desire like always and off in her own little world like always. then last but not least, is the one with the purple hair that's down, that's nira. she's smiling but if you look closely you can see it's the 'i have no idea what you're talking about so i'll smile and pretend i get it' face. just like nira always has cuz she's always so lost.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Moon Shadow: prologue part 1

Rosemary and I are writing a story together. Here's part one of the prologue. Please leave advise if you have any. I'm trying to become a better writer.
Here it is:

The night sky was filled with the millions of dancing stars; the same as every other night. Distant songs of joy glided through the cool air reaching every ear. The wind twirled and weaved through the trees gleefully. Women danced and men played. The moon was back, and was brighter than ever before.

“Moon Shade, my love?” a tall dark figure opened the door and entered a small room full of racks and racks of extravagant dresses, “Are you ready to bless your hero?” the question was dripping with disgust.

“My dear Night Shade,” the beautiful voice rang through the room like church bells lighting every corner. Out from a large closet stepped an angel. Moon Shade. Her pale white skin practically glowed in the dim lighting of the room. She wore a long silver dress that sparkled brilliantly, and her straight black hair flowed behind her. She stared at Night Shade, who had called her, with her large, violet eyes, “What do you think?” She twirled gracefully, and the ends of the dress flew around her like a soft winter breeze.

Night Shade frowned. His black eyes glared at her night gown, “You’re beyond gorgeous,” he growled irritated.

Moon Shade glided over to him with a saddened expression. She placed her small, petite hands on his cheeks and lifted his scowling face, “What’s of your mind?” She asked brushing away his black bangs so she could look into his eyes.

He stared at her intently, not answering. She stoked his tan face, not looking away. After a long moment, he spoke, “You’re too beautiful…” he whispered.

“I’m not sure whether or not to take that as a complement,” She said, raising an eyebrow. She smiled warmly, and asked, “Is it a bad thing.”

“Right now, yes.”

“why?” she said softly; her voice like velvet.

“Because I don’t want that soldier scum to get any thoughts,” his face hardened angrily.

She ran her fingers through his amazing black hair, understanding, “You don’t have to be so protective. I’m yours, and that’s that.” She gently kissed his lips.

Night Shade pulled away and raised his voice from a whisper, “I just don’t see why you feel that it’s necessary to give him such a blessing. Give him powers beyond normal human kind.”

“He saved my life!” She let go of his face and stepped back in surprise.

“Please,” he said irritated, “Do you really think he would have if there wasn’t a reward? They’re all the same. Each one of them born with a ball of greed that grows bigger and bigger over the space of many years. It’s sick! All they care for is themselves.”

“Take that back!” She spat, “They are not all the same. Some of them are different. They are also born with the capability to sense right from wrong,” she relaxed a little and glared at him waiting for an apology. He straightened up and lifted his head slightly to show his defiance, “Fine.” She finally said, “This discussion is over. I’m going, and there’s no way you can change my mind. I do in fact own him my life.” He just stared at her with a straight face of defeat. She sighed, “Will you be joining me?”

“Of course,” he said, now glowering at the ground, “I still don’t trust this hero of yours.”

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sorry here is Sasori and Kumochi

Characters for 'Our Sorrow's Blade'

A book i'm writing. The main character is a ten year old boy named Sasori, yes I stole from Naruto. In the prologe his mother dies, actually he kills her, but he doesn't even knew that. Sasori just falls asleep and turns into someone who he isn't and doesn't even know it, he thinks it's all a dream. Anyway, thats all I have so far. Ideas are needed PLEASE

Girl who looks blind- Not actually blind, but she can see who you really are, sort of like the Shinigami eyes in a weird sort of way, but not. her name is Ronin although it's a dude name. She loves Kumochi because Kumochi is nice to her, where as Sasori tends not to notice her. Might have her killed, Might have Sasori and her fall inlove with her...I dunno

Red head guy- That's Sasori

White haired guy with violet eyes- That is Sasori at nigh they call him Kumochi meaning Cloud Blood

Amd the other girl?- her name is Lirah, not much is known about her but Sasori has a crush on her, though she doesn't like him.Might kill her off too.

My fav people in our new book: Despair in a Song

Sharpii: Yes, those 4 girls are the same person. the green one is how she looks in spring, the brown in how she looks in fall, the red is in summer, and the blue is in winter. she's a season mage so her appearence alters every season.

Jeb & Josh: Dog Sleeping Twins.

p.s. click on the pics 4 a larger view

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Deep In Darkness: Prologue

I felt the hard blow to my side. "Owch! " I shouted, veering to my left. I grabbed my side, soft thick blood leaking through my fingers. I glanced around me. It had been so stupid of me to think i could last on my own, now I was an open target for him. The next attack was hot and feirce. I ripped at it with my hands, claws replacing fingernails. The blazing punch still hit despite my reckless defense, and it hit my stomach. I lurched forward, trying not to puke. My front was drenched in my liquid blood from this useless battle.
My senses flared but I knew I was doomed. The only escape now would be to run if I could. I started to jolt down the path, fast and silent. My right hand holding my side, my left on my wounded stomach. I should've known running was usless as well when I felt the next hit. The attack drew blood on my back, almost breaking my spine, scorching it with burning heat. The claws ripped at my fragile flesh, and I fell to the ground. I landed in a small puddle of crimson blood that had dripped from my body at my feet. I wanted to screamm but how pointless would that be? I only curled up and hid my face, closing my eyes to the torture of the burnign claws.
"Giving up?" A deep voice asked. Was this my chance? If I gave up, would they spare my life?
"Yes!" I screamed "I give up! I can't run or fight anymore!" A devious laugh rolled through the thundering forest around us. Footsteps circled me. I uncurled my wounded body and rose slowly, no one was in my sighting range. At least until a man walked out from a dark patch in the shadowed trees. He had messy brown hair and a torn white shirt, probablt from my reckless defense. He had blazing wild eyes, full of anxious excitment. The worst part of his presence, though, was he reeked of blood, and his clothes were soaked with it. I gulped, clutching my wounded stomach, what had I done? I'm such an idiot. Of course giving up wouldn't spare my life. It only means I'm letting him kill me without fighting back. I'm pathetic. Even if I escape, these wounds will kill me.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Uchiha Secrets/ Deep In Darkness

The title of this post is the two options of the title of my new book. Please choose one cuz i can't decide.

(Anything in []'s are the way the names are pronounced.)
For my new book i'm using names of my friends only spelled differently. i use the name Jordan for 3 characters: Jordan (girl), Jorden (guy), Jordyn (girl). so if you want to tell me the names of your friends spelled weirdly (like: Ashylii[ashley], a girl from my book as well. Or Alyss[alice], a name not in my book. anything like that.)

the prologue is the death of this girl, who ends up being Tawyni[tawny] Uchiha, mother of Ambyr Uchiha, my main character. And i decided that everyone in her family will have a Y in their name. Her mom: Tawyni[Tawny]. Her little sisters: Jordyn[Jordan] and Caitlyn (who they call Cayte[katie].) and that's all i can say cuz my mom's kicking me off the compy. later.


no one has done a new post in a while. so i figured I'd post this. and the reason the post under this says it was posted today is because i edited the title. hehehehe........

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm sorry!

I promise I do have the beginning of that story written I swear I just need time to type it it's sitting in my bag right now but I'm at school not a home so yeah sorry guys I'll get it done soon!!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Ok, so here's the deal: I'll post pictures of the people, closest I can get, ok?

Shaun(Aidou, yes.)

Shaun again(Ichijou, yes.)

I couldn't really find anyone that fit how I pictured the characters exceot for in vampire knight... you know, tall, thin, smexy... so I'm really not trying to use them.

I know that Kacey has brown hair but just picture Zero with brown hair and you have Kacey.(Zero, yes.)

I always imagined Kacey with light brown hair- it looks dark when it's wet. This is a really good Kacey picture because it looks a lot like him- especially when Shaun sucks his blood(stupid bloodsucker. He should be a lawyer).

Here's Holly. It's the perfect picture- but she wears jeans instead of a skirt.

This is Miranda- she's Holly's best friend. You havn't met her yet, but I have written the beggining. I'llpost it as soon as there's enough to post, ok?

Well, there you have it, pictures for the characters!!! All pictures (c) to their owners.

Friday, October 10, 2008

New vamp story

I looked at myself in the glass of the window pane. My black hair was dry, and my skin was pale. I reached up to ouch my fingertips to the glass lightly. The cold rain washed relentlessly against the glass, the shards of water hitting the glass with a relaxing sound. Suddenly, I heard something... something like two boulders crashing together below me.
"Shaun, DIE!" I heard. I flew down the stairs as someone yelled feircly, then flung the door open. It slammed shut with a dull thud. I was becomoing soaked in my night clothes, and i saw them on the lawn- the park, really, of the campus. Shaun and Kacey were fighting, both landing strong blows- but neither seemed to be getting hurt. There was no blood. Suddenly, as Kacey kneeled over Shaun with his arm drawn back to punch him in the face, Shaun shot up and hugged Kacey. Shaun's head was in the hollow of Kacey's neck, and I saw Kacey's brown eyes turn glassy. I watched in shock as blood dripped down Shaun's jaw, his neck, onto his chest and shirt. Shaun swallowed once, twice, three times. Kacey winced each time, then went limp. Kacey's eyes flitted to mine as he lay on top of Shaun, then becaume empty. I could tell that in that breif moment, Kacey was surprised to see me.
"Ho...lly..." He gasped absently. Shaun pushed Kacey off of him, then sat up. He noticed me, and I was frozen by his looks alone. Blood covered his lips and chin, streaming down his neck and onto his shirt, running, hot and fresh...
Kacey's blood. Shaun's eyes blazed crimson red, the same color as the blood upon his lips, then stood, intimidating, menacing, six feet eight inches. His blonde hair was in his eyes, but he didn't seem to notice.
"Well hello, Holly," He greeted me politely. He took one long stride toward me, and I took one small step back, ready to run. My back hit a wall, and my blue eyes widened in fear. Shaun smirked.
"You look afraid. Am I scaring you?" When I didn't answer, he glanced down at himself, then continued. "I guess I really am not so presentable, at the moment." I couldn't make myself move. His smirk widened into a grin, exposing long fangs, and he stepped forward once more, reaching me. "Now... I wonder how you would taste?" he wondered aloud, and I shivered as the cold rain hit my face as I looked up at him. "May I?" he asked. I couldn't speak; my words were frozen upon my lips. "I'll take that as a yes, then," he said, lifting my arms above my head. His hands formed manacles around my wrists, and I struggled against him now. But I couldn't speak; my words were lost on my tounge. I'm going to die, I thought frantically as Shaun leaned in closer to my neck. Our heights were so different I could tell, even how minutely it was, the difficulty he had leaning down so far. I felt his lips brush my neck, and I got goosebumps. The top of my head was below his shoulder normally, but now, I could only feel the rain on my face. I had closed me eyes when he tilted my head back. His fangs sank into my flesh, and I shuddered.
Warmth spread over my neck, and I sank into darkness almost immediately.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hidden Secrets

Ok. I've been writing this in my head for a while. Here goes...(this is just a part of it.)

Alaina looked up from her work to her cell phone, which was vibrating. The creature she was studying- a vampire, as it turned out- glared at her from the cameras.
"You said I wouldn't be in here for more than a week!" She growled. "And I can hear that stupid peice of metal vibrating! Turn it off." Alaina sighed, then answered the phone.
"Lani!" A deep voice said.
"Hi, Jess. I'm kind of working right now..."
"Oh, you're pathetic! Working? In a secret government facility that's underground that the humans-" She sneered the word humans, "don't know about. Even as they notice that some of their kind go missing every now and again, or they realize they have a cut that they've never had before and they now have. Put that phone down now!" The vampire screamed.
"Who's that?" Jess, Alaina's fiance, asked.
"Oh, just a girl at work." Alaina lied smoothly. "But I do have to go. Sorry, Jess. I'll see you when I get home, okay?"
There was a pause. "Yeah, okay, Lani." Jess sounded sad now.
"I'm sorry Jess, I know I've been really busy with work."
"At least the wedding is soon. Then you have to get a break!"
"Yeah, that would be cool... I'll talk to you later, okay?"
"Okay. Bye, Lani."
The line went dead. Alaina snapped the phone shut.
"Finally!" The vampire snapped. "Now let me out before I come out there and kill you myself."
"That's impossible, Halraia(Halraya), those walls are two feet thick and solid lead."
"And I could rip through that when I'm half dead. Let me out or I'll get out myself."


It was Jess.

"Jess! What- What are you doing here?!" Alaina asked her voice high in panic.
"I brought you pizza! What are you studying today?" Jess put the pizza on the counter in front of Alaina on her desk, kissing her on the cheek. He looked up on the monitors. "Who's in there?" He asked.
"A vampire is in here. Can't you tell my species when you see one?"
"Vampires don't exist, chick! Get a job!" Jess laughed. Halraia growled deep in her throat and attacked the camera; gray fuzz came up onto the screen.

Sounds of metal ripping echoed through the lab.

Alaina turned to Jess.
"You're about to leave the world you know behind," She said, her eyes telling Jess she was sorry.
"You mean... this is real?"
She nodded.
"You work with monsters?!"

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Truth about lies: Another side to this world

Here's a part of my new book I came up with. I got bored and decided to do another, more exciting cross between the dreamers world and our world. It's a school in the middle of Salt Lake City... but it's exclusively for magical creatures. In human form, of course. I'll start it now!

(Part of Chapter one, just got bored and havn't written the beggining of it yet)

"That's Fang," Jenna said, nodding in the direction of a pale, spacey-looking girl. Another girl sitting with her back to her had wolf ears- light brown ones. Her eyes were yellow and she looked like she was bored, her elbow on the table with her head resting on her fist. "The girl sitting next to her is Jax. Her real name is-" The girl, Jax, suddenly snarled, baring large, intimidating canine teeth. My breath caught in my throat and I jumped back. She was a werewolf! Of course! Jax's brown hair seemed to bristle. "Well, I'll let her tell you that... when she wants too." Jax had jumped up on the table, going into full wolf form, her face just inches from Jenna's. Jenna's blue eyes were alarmed, but not afraid. "Fang doesn't say much, but she's there." Fang didn't flinch at the sound of her name, but somehow I knew she was listening. I coulnd't help but stare at Fang. She was so pretty. Her skin was a dark tan, and her hair was black with red and white streaks- the school colors, I realized.
Ice shot across the table to where I was sitting, encasing me in ice but stopping at my neck. I gasped. Fang turned slowly to look at me.
"Why are you staring?" She asked slowly, her green eyes flecked with copper slowly turning to a deep brown. I was stunned. Was she a vampire? When I didn't answer, her eyes narrowed.
"I said, why are you staring?"

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Me and my friend's website

Me and some of my closest friends (In colorado-winks-) Made this warriors roleplay website that we need for people to join in! Its perfectly safe and every one there is friendly

It seemed like ages ago, it happened. In the shining city of New York, it was so quick and painless hardly a person knew what happened. But the cats saw it coming.StarClan had told them, after many years of fighting and no sign of letting up, they were going to destroy them all. And StarClan does not lie. A few who were innocent knew enough to take refuge, even though they knew they would die anyways. But the fighting continued, the leaders blinded by arrogance and warriors following whatever their higher ups commanded. Those who hid...They were kept alive, by some miracle. Just kits, with luck enough for a parent or sibling for the time being. So they grew, and were taught what remained of the Clans by whoever was left to teach. Among the rubble and filth, a new life began to build.But nothing is ever happy for too long. Some prophecy or another predicts imminent doom, but not this time. It seems the felines prowling New York weren't the only ones spared. As the kits grew into apprentices, and apprentices into warriors, new life began to throb among the debris. More creatures once considered prey spawned, and began to populate. The surivors thought themselves lucky - creating new Clans, as it was all they knew, and prey beginning to come alive.But with the prey came predators. The leaders had heard no sign of StarClan - the medicine cats, although found a new Moonstone, had no dreams and no prophecies to at least show them that their astral ancestors were still there to guide them. And without them, the leaders were stuck with just one life, and in the meanwhile, things like wolves and coyotes began to prowl. With the forest animals came those from zoos - tigers, leopards, panthers, and lions. It's all the Clans can do just to survive one day, let alone long enough to locate their only source of hope.How they manage is soley up those who've disappeared.Was StarClan so mad they left - forever?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bloody Moon

I sat on the black gravel of the street in Decora at about eleven-thirty at night. I curled up and hugged my knees. Agitated, I let out a long breath. I looked at my bare feet for a bit, then at the sky. Every inch was covered in large and small black clouds. I sighed, really irritated now. I looked at the street ahead of me, then quickly back at the sky. Nothing, nothing but clouds. I fell onto my side and rolled onto my back, staring up at the sky, my eyes searching for any opening through the black thick clouds.
“Dang! They say there’s going to be a full moon tonight, but how can I know if I can’t even see the moon?!” I shouted at the air. “Augh!”
“Oh dear, whatever is the matter?” Someone behind me asked, the voice was formal as was the question. I sat up, not turning to see who it was. I already knew anyway, I could smell her.
“Buzz off! I’m not in the mood, Kahki.” I hissed.
“But that is not fair, dear Jinnyn.” Kahki said. I heard her footsteps walking closer to me. I even heard her skirt whoosh as she sat down behind me. She leaned to my side where I could see her, her long orange hair falling behind her shoulders in a ponytail.
“You’re so stupid, Kahki.” I insulted. She made a face.
“Why so harsh?” she asked. I glared at her.
“Because I can be.” I answered, growling.
“If you want to see the moon, just ask Luna like you always do.”
“She won’t answer me today.” I said angrily, chewing down on my bottom lip. “She’s ‘on a break’ from the human world.”
“But you cannot transform if the moon is covered, am I right?”
“In a way. That’s only true if it’s a full moon.”
“I see.” She seemed deep in thought. I twitched a little.
“Stop being so damn formal!” I shouted. She looked at me with surprise.
“Fine!” she shouted back “I was trying to be nice! Being ‘formal’ is the only thing that keeps me form punching you in the face!” She snarled now. If you don’t know yet, Kahki is not really on the human’s ‘good side.’ She hunts them and uses their life force as bonus souls. So if she dies, she uses a soul as an extra life. Right now she has nine lives, like a cat.
“Go ahead and try to punch me.” I dared her. She hesitated, she was scared of me, and everyone seemed to be. You should know this also, she’s my older sister. She’s twenty-three, I’m twenty-one. At least in human years.
“I think it’s time for me to go.” She said nervously, glancing in front of us and at the sky.
“Why the rush?” I asked, a smile spreading across my face. “It’s almost midnight, stay.”
“I would if I had a death wish.” She said “I’m out.” She whistled and the soul of a giant snow dragon came. One more thing you should know, Kahki enslaves nonhuman souls. She climbed onto the dragon’s back and saluted goodbye to me. The dragon flew off into the black clouds, not creating an opening. I saw then why she left; there was a patch of shimmering light in front of me…moonlight. I looked up, there in the sky was the shining full moon. I looked at my watch.
“Perfect.” I smiled “five, four, three, two-” I stopped and stood on all fours, howling like a wolf at the moon.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chapter One to the Book I am Writing

This is chapter one to the book I am writing, I hope you enjoy.... hehehe....

Kily was walking home from school, her jacket wrapped closely around her. It was a warm, slightly blustery day and Kily's head was buzzing with thoughts of the ghost story she had heard today.

It was about her house, and how it was haunted with the ghosts of lost slaves. A long time ago, around 150 years back, there had been a slave revolt at the Lylas's plantation. Everyone in the house was killed, except for two young kids. Nobody knows what happened to them, some say the went crazy with exhaustion from running, or the depression from their whole family dieing in one day. So the slaves haunt the mansion lying in wait, and when the sole remaining heir of the Lylas family reveals himself, they will pounce.

Kily shivered, she had the sneaking suspicion that she lived in the same house. Living in southwestern Virginia there was much history of slaves and plantations. In fact, the house that Kily lived in now had a giant field behind it, and a few orange trees in the backyard.

"Kily, it isn't a real ghost story. Ghost's aren't real, they don't exist. Besides, there are other old plantation houses around, who's to say it is your house?" Kily thought to herself. With these comforting thoughts in her mind, Kily reached her house. But now that she thought about it, she hadn't heard of another home that was a plantation anywhere near the area of school, and this story was supposedly passed down from child to child. Kily's heart quickened in her chest.

With a deep calming breath, Kily tried to remind herself that it was just a story. Checking through her memory to see if she had any homework, she walked inside her house. It was a Thursday, that meant she would be the only one home until six. Her mom was out doing family history, and her dad was at work.

"I'll guess I'll just play video games, " thought Kily dully. Video games were only fun when there was someone to play them with. Or someone to watch. "Maybe Blake will come over," Kily thought hopefully. He was a good friend of hers, and he loved video games as much as she did. "I'll have to call him." Dialing the number quickly, Kily left a message. No sooner had she done this when she heard a loud BANG-BANG and the yelling and screaming of voices.

Another cliff-hanger ending..... ;)

My dream that i'll post on our dreamers blog once everyone has seen adeen's post

okay, i had a drean (no duh, but you get what i mean):

I (as Jinnyn) was standing in this strange alley, everything had a greyish blue tinge to it. i looked around, not worried in the least. i'd grown up in a place like this after all.

"I know you're there." i called into the darkness, sensing a strange presence. "So come out, or would you rather i force you out." i didn't state it as a question, more like a threat. i cracked my neck to show them i was serious. Then a movement flickered in my mind, the someone was behond me. i sniffed the air, a girl's sent waffered in. (yes, boys and girls have distinct sents.)

"No one told me you'd be able to sense the unsensable." the girl said, her voice light and mocking. "You're the first to ever sense me, congrads." She let out a small chuckle. i still didn't turn around. feeling no need to speak, i said nothing. "Hmph! show a little respect and face me." she demanded "or at least speak." i found this an appropriate time to talk.

"i had nothing to say till now." i said "and maybe i don't need to see your face to know you're a girl, 'bout 5'3" and you aim to kill me. the last bit i know cuz i smell the lust of blood in your scent."

"You can tell all that by a simple sniff of the air that's caught hold of my scent?" she asked bluntly, obviously not interested. "Still, you were right, except i'm 5'4" instead. one inch off"

"Close enough." i snarled. i turned. the girl had crimson hair to her shoulders, curling out at the ends. she had icy blue eyes and teeth that were amazingly peculiar. "Get out of my sight." i spat "you won't even get close to touching me before you find yourself dead."

"What a threat." she said, not scared at all "you flatter me though. i imagined a normal looking girl. but i see you're not so normal looking. i wish i had eyes the color of burning coals." her voice hinted that she was kidding but also serious.

"It wasn't a threat." i said calmly "it was a fact." the girl frowned. anyone could tell i wasn't her favorite prey.

"Let's test that out, huh!" she ran at me, i tensed, waiting for her to get a little bit closer...
she fell to the floor, her head bent in a weird position. there in front of her stood caliber. the REAL caliber.

"Don't you dare lay a hand on my prey." she growled angrily.

"Nice to see you again, cal." i said, saying the nickname with tease.

"YOU" she said, turning and pointing. "You know the truth, why? why did this girl, Adeen. why did she kill my father?!" Caliber's eyes turned hard and filled with rage. "She had no right! she had no reason!!" She was furious now. i stood still, choosing not to speak again. turning this all through my head.

"Confused idiot." i said after a few moments "you really are a confused idiot."

"What?!" Caliber roared "how dare you! i asked you a simple question, and saved your life, and you insult me."

"Saved. my. life?" i asked, pausing between each for slowly. "you didn't save me. i didn't need you, i would've killed her. you just got to her first. and you asked me a question that was falsely stated." Caliber lifted her eyebrows and let her body realax.

"What do you mean 'falsely stated'?" her eyes softened "you mean, she didn't kill my father? i've been hunting the wrong girl? who did kill my father?"

"That also was a confused statment. you're father was not killed by adeen. but Kyro was."

"That made no sense, Kyroshiran is my father."

"See? that's what makes you confused. you see, Kyro was not your father, your not even realated to him in any way."

"What do you mean?"

"Give me your hand."

"Why?" Caliber's guard went up immediantly.

"I want to show you something." Caliber gently held otu her hand and placed it in mine. i closed my eyes and began the spell. soon a circle appeared above our hands. the circle shown a bright blinding light in the middle and frosted into a clear picture. (yes, it frosted into a clear picture.) the picture was of a baby girl in it's mother's arms.

"That's me." Cal said "and that's my mother. Avain." i almost burst out laughing, but was able to keep calm and resume a serious expression.

"Your mother is not avain at all. that is adeen's mother, whom kyro was in love with."

"Does that mean that avain is just the love of my father?"

"Get it through your head idiot! Kyro is not your father! He is!" a man walked into the picture and took baby cal from the mother's arms. "That woman you see, is not even Avain." Caliber's eyes widened with shock. "this is your mother and father." a second later the mother was on the phone, talking to a doctor of some sort.

"What do you mean she only has five hours!?" the mother asked, her voice raising higher.

"Caliber only has five hours to live." the doctor said through the phone.


"No more nonesense, there is nothing more we can do for your daughter." the phone was hung up and the mother was on her knees crying so loud it hurt my sensitive ears, and it hurt cal's too. the father began comforting her, but the image switched before we could see more. it showed her grave, cal's grave.

Cal tried to pull away in horror but i grabbed her hand. "You let go and the image will fade away." i said calmly, "you see, everything we're seeing, is being pulled from your memories that Kyro made you forget." Cal stared at the picture in front of her. her dead self must've seen her grave, and also seen Kyro kill her parents, cuz that's what we were now witnessing.

"NO!" Caliber shreiked, trying to free herself from my grip "NO!" she was crying now, pulling with all her strength. but she couldn't free her hand.

"Watch!" i shoutd angrily, my voice deepened like it did when i changed to my wolf form, though i stayed as a human. she started watching now, scared i'd kill her if she disobeyed. the picture we now saw was Kyro bringing her back to life. i let her hand go, she'd seen enough. she narrowed her eyes in sadness.

"I don't beleive it." she said, more tears streaming onto her cheeks. she fell to her knees, her hands hidden in her face. "you lie." she said, wiping away her tears and was on her feet in half a second. "you're lying to me! i don't beleive any of that crap! he WAS my father and i know it! and for that, i swear i'll kill you too! i'll kill you and adeen! you'll pay! YOU'LL BOTH PAY!" she disappeared in a second. i sniffed what remained of her scent.

"good." i smiled "because she was here for a while i finally got enough of her scent to see what she was." i smirk crossed my face as i figured it out. "she's a sorceress, a Mintelli sorceress. finally, someone that may just be a watch for me."

that's it. that's my dream. for the record, a Mintelli Sorceress is a powerful mage creature like a shape-shifter. it's original form is a girl with cat-like features, which is why she looked to much like a cat. but she can change into anything except a dragon, werewolf, pure wolf, or fairy. (yes, she can change into a vampire and then back to a human.) but they have a twist to their powers. every time they're able to hit their opponent, they gain more strength until they posses ten times more pwer than their opponent.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Bid My BLooD To Run: Chapter 9

I stared at Devin’s eyes, I felt tears form. I felt no sadness, though. I felt the burning in my hand then. My body jolted up in shock of how horrible the pain was. My eyes widened and Devin ripped his lips from my wrist and then was holding me in his arms. Only then did I notice how strong he was.
“D-Devin?” I chocked out, the pain was gone but I was so weak all of the sudden, as if he’d sucked the energy out of me as well as my blood. Numbness replaced the burning agony and I felt nothing for a second, then I felt cold, really cold.
“Its okay, Angelea.” He reassured me, stroking my hair. “I’m so sorry, I-I didn’t mean to, really.” I didn’t believe a word that came out of that liar’s mouth. I felt sudden strength flow through me, it was anger. I suddenly wanted to punch him; I wanted to ring his neck.
“Put me down you stupid liar! I don’t need your help to stand!” I shouted, rage burning deep within me.
“Fine.” he said angrily and dropped me to the ground.

The shock of hitting the hard ground woke me from the dream with a sudden gasp of air. I was on the floor; I had fallen out of my bed. I quickly searched my wrist. No cut. No blood. No tooth marks. Clean, perfectly clean except for some drool. I sighed, relived it was just another dream. Strange as it seemed, that one was so much more…real than the last one.
Nani wandered absently into my room. I looked up at her. She looked down at me. We stayed that way staring at each other for a minute or so.
“This isn’t my room is it?” she asked me.
“Nope.” I answered calmly. Nani turned on one foot and walked out of my room. I heard the door slam behind her. Then I heard a sharp WHACK as Nani hit her bed. She could be so absent minded at…I realized I had no idea what time it was. I looked at the clock on my nightstand. It was five-thirty a.m. So Nani was absent minded at five in the morning. I waited for it, the ‘Ow’ I would hear from Nani as soon as it registered in her brain that she was hurt. She’d even had that dazed look in her eye before.
But instead I heard her scream, a loud ear piercing shriek.
I jumped up and ran out of my room and thrust open Nani’s door, almost breaking it off the hinges. Nani stood lying on her back in her bed. She was being held down by a figure. He was chocking her, the hands tight around her neck. It took me a minute to figure out who it was, and then I shouted angrily,
The figure looked up at me. Light from the window on the side wall shown through at that moment. Revealing Devin’s shocked face. He looked down at the person he was chocking.
“You mean this isn’t you?” he asked looking at me in surprise.
“Obviously since I’m right here.” I said coldly. He released his grip at once.
“She’s unconscious, sorry.” He mumbled “for a second I was so mad I actually thought she was you.”
So he was blinded by fury too. I thought, thinking of how I’d felt during the dream.
“I’m sorry.” He whispered, he was looking at Nani but the statement was clearly for me. “I didn’t mean to.” He began twisting Nani’s hair in his fingers. “You told me how I bit you in a dream before tonight. That was just a dream, but the dream you just woke up from… I infiltrated your dreams and hoped that you’d think you were reliving the old one. I should’ve known you’d figure out how much more realistic this one was.”
“Yeah,” I lied “I noticed.” I had noticed it was more real, but I hadn’t thought that it was actually real. Then in a flash Devin was gone, but though I could not see him I heard a whisper in my ear as I felt him rush past me and out the house.
“But that doesn’t stop me from fulfilling what I’m meant to do.”
That sent a chill down my spine. It was true, no matter how many times he’d save me, no matter how much I…
I stopped there, not willing to think ‘no matter how much I love him.’ That wouldn’t register in my mind. I don’t love him. I felt tears touch my gentle cheeks. I can’t love him.

No matter what, he was still going to kill me.

Nani awoke and regained consciousness at about eight o’clock in the morning. She didn’t remember a thing that’d happened. Good thing she’s so absent minded at five in the morning I guess. Saved my butt from her bombarding questions that would’ve come if she’d remembered anything. She walked upstairs to the kitchen and sniffed the air.
You made breakfast?” she asked in surprise. I nodded when I saw her. She had no marks on her neck, thankfully. I sighed with relief. She smiled, “Did you make anything for me?” I laughed at that and handed her a plate full of scrambled eggs, –milk mixed into them while I had made them –bacon strips, and two sausage links. She sat down.
“I hope you had sweet dreams.” I said, looking deeply into her eyes. I’d never really thought about Nani dying. But seeing what I saw earlier, I knew that she could die. And I noticed that I couldn’t imagine a world without my bog sister. It seemed hopeless and dark to think about.
“I did, I dreamed of Brian all night.” She said. I lost her when she started daydreaming about Brain. I knew she was cuz she had a dreamy look in her eyes and was pouring syrup onto her hand instead of the plate. I gently reached over and took the syrup bottle away.
“Huh?” she asked, my movement shaking her back to reality. She seemed to notice a sticky feeling on her hand and looked at it. “Oh crap!” she shouted “I syruped my hand!”
“I bet it’ll taste better than my food.” I said. We laughed and I thought about living without her laugh. That would be very painful, to wake up each day by myself and never hear her laugh again.
Not to self: record her laughing one day.
“Well, I hate to admit it but today’s Tuesday.” Nani sighed “we were lucky that we got a three day weekend. But now school begins, get ready. We’re going to be late.”
“Nani,” I began “school starts at Eight-thirty, I’m all ready but you just woke up. Don’t be telling me to get ready.”
“Right.” She got up and went downstairs, probably to get dressed. I got up from the table and went to the closet in the hallway. I opened it and got my backpack.
“Nani! I’ll see you at school! I’m not missing the bus. You can drive yourself to school.” I called from the hallway, knowing she could hear me anyway.
“Whatever!” she called back up, and then she added, “Be careful, okay!” I nodded, and then felt stupid since I knew she couldn’t see the nod. I went out the door and walked calmly to the bus stop. Thank goodness there were no Devin interruptions. I wondered if he really did feel sorry, or was it one of his deceiving lies.
The bus arrived and I went on, not paying attention to anything. I sat in an empty seat and pulled out my green doodling notebook from my backpack. There was one more stop before school. When the bus stopped, my pencil made a dark mark across the face I was drawing.
Looks nice. I thought kind of looks like a scar. I felt a sudden weight and vibration underneath me. I looked up. There was a girl sitting next to me.
“Kylea?” I asked. She looked over at me, an annoying grin on her face. I was not in the mood to see happiness.
“Hey Angelea.” She said in a happy tone. Her face seemed to brighten.
“What’s got you all hyped up? You normally never smile and keep to yourself.” I said accusation in my voice. She blushed. Kylea had long flowing golden blond hair to her waist that waved at parts. She had peachy skin and these honey sweet golden eyes with pink missed into them. They reminded me of strawberries with honey.
“Nothing, just that I saw the cutest boy ever!” she squealed.
“And?” I pressed.
“That’s it. I didn’t talk to him, he keeps to himself.”
“Perfect for you.” I teased.
“Yeah, except he was looking for you.” She said. I began to panic, it couldn’t be!
“What is his name?” I asked urgently.
“I don’t know his real name. I saw him with the principal when I was at school earlier for a student council meeting. Some new student. He goes by D.D.” she was talking fast.
“How does he look?” I asked, D.D. could easily stand for Devin and his last name that had to start with a D.
“He has blond hair, dirty blond hair I should say–”
“It’s okay, it’s not important anymore.” I said, this wasn’t the same guy. Thank goodness.

I walked out of my last class with a sigh, why did math have to be so hard? I saw a big group of girls crowding the hallway. Wonder what’s up? I thought curiously. I walked over. Then a guy walked out of the group of girls, I could tell he didn’t see me because the girls were blocking his view of what was in front of him. And since I didn’t know he was going to pop out of the blob of girls, I didn’t move. So we ran into each other. Collided. Painfully. We feel to the floor, I noticed I was on top of him, how did that happen? Wasn’t he in front of me?
“You’re elbow is in my ribs.” He muttered painfully.
“Oh! I’m so sorry.” I said and quickly got up in a sitting position. I blushed, that had been really embarrassing. I made sure that my checkered skirt had stayed down the whole time.
“It’s okay.” He said nicely with a smile as he sat up too. I just noticed the stares we were getting. All the girls that had made the big blob were staring intently at us. Some were mad stares, others were full of surprise. Only then did I realize that he must’ve been the cause of the girl crowding. I took another look at him. I saw why.
He had dirty blond hair that reached to the end of his ears, and then stuck out on the sides. He had crème colored skin and amazingly beautiful blue eyes. I felt my mouth drop and I quickly closed it.
“H-hi.” I said, holding out my hand “I’m Angelea.” The boy paused with surprise; he then looked at me with a shocked expression.
You’re Angelea?” he asked, staring at me. “I’ve been looking for you all day!”
“I’ve only heard of one boy in school looking for me.” I said “you must be D.D.”
“Yeah” he breathed “you’re more beautiful than I imagined.” I felt like I was going to blush again, but I didn’t blush that easily.
“Thank you.” I said nervously, getting to my feet the same time that he did.
“Well,” he started, not meeting my eyes. “Um…I’ve heard a lot bout you from my older brother, Brain. So I was wondering if you’d, well, um…”
“Spit it out boy.” I said, harsh but I was not a patient girl.
“Nothing special. I was just wondering if you’d want to, you know, go see a movie or something. Well, with me that is.” He mumbled, rubbing the back of his head nervously, still not looking me in the eyes. I suddenly felt my heart pound harshly. What was this feeling? I suddenly thought of my Devin and thought to recline his offer. But then the memory of Devin made me outraged and I couldn’t refuse.
“Yes,” I said, trying very hard not to sound angry in any way “I’d love that. Thank you.” And every girl gasped.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bid my blood to run I don't remember the chapter number

Here goes.

Turns out I had a dream about unicorns. Actually, no. I sort of wish I did, though. Okay, I do wish it. I had a nightmare, but it was all too real.
Wire mesh in front of me, like a dog crate, other dog crates in the same room with me. I was scrunched down and in one, too. Which was bad, because I was claustrophobic. Experiments, needles, syringes, equipment...
And the smell.
So strong, so sickening, and it provoked memories I didn't even know I had. It smelled like a docters office, very antisepticky. I didn't know if they were just imagined images from a book I had read or scenes from a movie I had seen... but then I was nearly convinced they were real.
I saw my dad.
And he didn't exactly look in the 'nice' department, let me tell you.
I started screaming when I heard the saw.

"Angelea! It's just your alarm, chill out!"
"Huh? But... the saw..."
"I have no idea what you're talking about, but you need to get up."
I had stopped screaming to talk, and I looked around my room frantically. Skye was looking at me with her ears angled back.
"It's okay, kitty..." I crooned, reaching over to pet her. She purred.
"What was this one about?" Nani asked. I wanted to curl up into a ball and put my hands over my ears, anything to avoid talking about it. "That bad, huh?"
"Yep." was all I said. Nani patted my foot, that was all she could reach, then stretched over to pet Skye briefly. Her hair was already done and she was already dressed, just like always. Finally, something normal.
"Come on, time for breakfast." Nani said as she walked out fo my room. I got up to follow her.

One more thing:
In the dream, I had wings.

<> <> <>

We ate in silence, until finally, I decided to ask her what I had been avoiding. I had been chasing it around in my head all morning, which, okay, wasn't that long. But I Couldn't come up with an answer.
"Um, Nani?"
"Did Dad..." I gulped. "Experiment on... humans?"
Nani whirled to look at me.
"Why would you say that?"
"Just wondering... but did he?"
"I don't think so. I mean, he wasn't like that..."

How would you know, Nani? You were only five.

I fell asleep that night quickly, sinking into a very deep sleep.

I was flying again, and I saw Devin on the cliff edge running and waving his arms.
"Angelea! You need to land! Now!"
Deja vu, anyone?
"That's okay, I think I'll stay up here, thanks."
"No, Angelea, really--"
Then I saw the guys with the guns, and bullets whizzed past me. Those were close!
"Angelea, please!" Devin screamed, waving to me. I dove, but crash landed, just like last time. I was on my back again, and my head hurt terribly.
"Don't shoot, idiots! I want her alive!" Devin yelled, running toward me. I was scraped badly, and Devin kneeled beside me, taking my bleeding wrist and examining it.
"Devin, no... don't..." I gasped. The pain was clouding my brain. I almost shivered when he sniffed at my wrist, his violet eyes closing for an instant.
"You're really... tempting me..." He muttered, opening his eyes again and looking at me.
A strange look came over his eyes, the lust of a need. He kept staring me in the eye as he bit into my wrist, and everything was black but my arm and him.
I would have screamed, if I could have.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pic Time!!!

There's gonna be a lot of pics but here goes:
The first one is Sorrow from Fairy Fable. She's the fairy servant to The Fairy Prince Daisuke. I don't know if i drew her right since all Okami did was give me her description and i tried to draw her, so Okami: did i draw her right?
The second is Nalla from Fairy Fable. She's just the outcast fairy, the one that no one likes to mess with, though she's very playful. I like how her feather is dark at the top, light in the middle, and then dark-ish at the bottom.
Third is Fawn from Fairy Fable. She's the one who quickly befriends Sakura (the main character) when she becomes a fairy. she's the one who explains things (though she takes her time to do so).
Fourth is also Fawn from Fairy Fable. You can tell she loves her bow in that picture. hahaha!
Fifth is Caliber, the REAL caliber mandan. turns out that when Adeen's evil uncle killed her "parents" he found the hidden grave of the real caliber and brought her back to life and raised her as his own. that is what she looks like. YAY!
Sixth is Devin & Tellia from Bid My BLooD To Run. She was the girl he liked who died. Poor Tellia. One of the reasons Devin likes Angelea so much is she's pretty much got the same personality as Tellia did before her 'accident'
That is all, YAY! i finally got them all scanned!!! But i know i will be drawing more and scanning them later. WEE!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Armageddon Nightmares

This is a new book I'm writing. I came up with it during Dark Knight, which I went to see with some friends. It's based off of the dreamers, just with a different twist. Anyway, the barriers break and the nightmare creatures get out and the physicals think that armageddon has come. Here's the teaser! Enjoy!

"No! No, James, you don't understand! I have to get away..." I stared at James's scraped hand, which was bleeding badly. The rough lava rock had cut into his flesh, causing the blood to flow. We were running, running away from them... My vision went red as my hunter instincts kicked in at the scent of blood. I couldn't kill him... but I hadn't hunted for so long...
"No, Adeen, I won't let you leave. I'm okay. I promise. See? The bleeding is already stopping."
Blood was running down his forearm, warm and scarlet and tempting.
"James, no, you don't understand!" My eyes shifted to red in my reflection in his chocolate brown eyes, soft and trusting. The eyes I had grown to know. "I am one of them." He paled at my words. I listened intently, waiting for the others to come. Surely they could already smell his blood. But they were hunters, more skilled than I was, and were completely silent as they came to surround us. I was a good six inches shorter than James, and I stood in front of him as he bled. My senses were going wild, nearly driving me insane.
"Come now, Adeen, do not deny your instincts."
It was my uncle, Kyroshiran. I glared coldly at him as I stood in front of my boyfriend. James bent down to my ear.
"Who is that, Adeen? How does he know you?"
"If we live through this, I'll tell you."
"You mean we might not live?"
"Maybe, maybe not. Just stay right where you are, and try to keep your heart from racing. Do you hear me? Calm down!"
"How can you hear my heart?"
"I just can."
"Adeen, Adeen. My dear neice. Won't you give your old uncle a hug?"
"I'd rather hug a cholla cactus." I growled. Kyroshiran's eyes were red, like mine. More vampires appeared behind him. I didn't recognize any of them.
"Now, now, Adeen, don't be like that."
"Try to make me leave his side." I hissed, extending my wings.
"Whoa, whoa, when did you get those?," James asked.
"Stay quiet!" I whispered. James's heart raced. The vampires started to advance as we spoke.
"Adeen, give us the boy, and you won't be hurt."
I could sense Kyroshiran's need, feel his hunger- or rather thirst. It was something we shared. Something every vampire shared. The difference between us was, I only drank human blood every two years. Kyroshiran drank every couple weeks. And it looked to me like he hadn't hunted since the barriers broke.
"I'd rather die than give him to you." I snarled, baring my teeth. My fangs elongated, touching my bottom lip. Kyroshiran shook his head.
"Adeen, you're just as foolish as your father was."
"What did you do to my father?" I yelled.
"Adeen, you're such a coward. Don't you know that love gives someone the ability to break you?" Kyroshiran shook his head. "Get the boy."
The other vampires advanced, and James's heart sped up in fear. So did mine.
"James, I'm so sorry I got you into this."
"If I'm going to die, I want to die with you." He whispered. Warm tears threatened to overflow. I swallowed them back. It all happened so fast I missed it. Suddenly, my arms were pinned behind my back and I was being drug away from James.
"Adeen! Help me!" He cried. I saw Kyroshiran grin evilly, his overlong black hair blowing in the wind. He chuckled wickedly, grabbing James's dark brown hair and wrenching his head back to expose his neck.
"NO!" I screamed, fighting against my captors. Kyroshiran's fangs glittered wickedly in the moonlight as he grinned, turning and biting into James's neck with a sickening squirting sound. "James! No! No-ho-ho-ho!" I wailed. I couldn't fight my captors off, and a glazed look came over James's chocolate eyes as Kyroshiran drank.
"NO!" I screamed, still fighting with all my strength.
"Hey, vampire." Someone growled from behind me. "Let my brother go, a$$hole."
It was Jason, James's twin brother, in his werewolf form. He was in Canis's form, standing dark brown in the night. Kyroshiran only glanced up and kept drinking.
Canis shook his head, gray patches showing in the moonlight.
"That's it, b@$t@rd. You won't live through this." Canis advanced onto the vampire that held his limp brother as I watched. Historically by nature, vampires are the enemy of the werewolf, and vise versa. Suddenly, I scented Jinnyn and Okami coming up behind me. One vampire let me go, having the other hold both of my arms. I whipped my head back with all of my strength, breaking the vampires nose. Horrible growls and snarls came from ahead of me and behind me, and I ran to James's fallen limp body on the ground. His soft bown eyes were closed, and I waited for his chest to rise and fall in breath. Soon, I decided to do something I had never done before: I had to kiss him. I had helped others my kissing their hand or arm and healed it. I didn't trust myself with kissing his neck, so...

I held him up and pressed my mouth to his.
I hoped with all my heart he wouldn't feel awkward when he recovered.
Maybe this could be all over if we could just get the barriers back up.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Prolouge to the book I am Writing

This is the prologue to the book I am writing. Hope you enjoy!

Jenny was sitting in a tree, her arms folded across her chest. Her legs were dangling from the edge of a branch and her slightly torn blue dress was waving in the slight breeze.
"Why do we always argue?" thought Jenny frustratedly. She was, of course, referring to her only friend in the world, her slave girl named Caitlin. Slave girl though she was, Jenny had grown up with her. A mutual trust unfolded, which soon blossomed into friendship. Caitlin was a month older than Jenny, and as her slave girl, had to do anything Jenny asked. It was also Caitlin's responsibility to make sure Jenny stayed out of trouble. Although allowed, Jenny never asked for much, because they were always too busy running and hiding from her parents to go secretly play in the orchards, or climb the west gate, or even just skip rope.
Jenny's mom had always critisized her trust in Caitlin, often saying, "She's only a slave! She will turn her back on you one day! Why do you treat her so well, she is not your friend, she is not your equal, and she never will be! If I catch you two being friendly-like again, I'll have her whipped!" Jenny never listened to her mothers headings and cautionings though, because she knew that her father would never allow it.
Jenny almost smiled, reminiscing the last time they had run away together. It was only for a short time, heading of to watch the neighbors cats while they were away (Jenny's mom didn't like cats). Then, remembering their spat from earlier that day, the smile and memory vanished and were replaced with a small frown and the argument echoing around Jenny's head.
They were standing in the backyard, a white gazebo hanging over their heads, the sides sweeping down and touching the floor. Jenny had said, "Of course slavery is acceptable! It has been around for years and it's not like it's doing much harm. It helps the economy, and maybe they shouldn't whip slaves, but how else will they keep you in order if you try to run away?"
"Simple," argued Caitlin, "Treat us better an give us more freedoms. Then we would feel more welcome and we wouldn't want to run away!"
"You're slaves you're not meant to feel welcome! At least, not with the rules as they are now. And even if we did give you more freedoms you would get ideas and try to run away even more often that usual! And besides, I can't give you more freedoms, my mom's in charge, and we're only fourteen! There is nothing we can do!"
"We would not run away more often than ussual and we can do something!"
"Would too, and can not!"
"Would not, and can too!"
But by this point Jenny was already running off to her ussual spot in the apple orchards. She had always gone there to escape and hide, ever since she was little. Jenny knew that by running away Caitlin would be punished for losing her, she also knew that Caitlin knew where she was, but knew better to bug her when she ran off to the apple orchards. She had done this once, and Jenny was already so upset, she began picking and throwing all of the apples that she could at Caitlin (To whom she had to apologize to later).
"What is the matter, miss?" Asked a nearby slave. His name was Toby, he had a deep voice, but very bright eyes. They were blue in color, much like Caitlin's. This was Caitlin's uncle, and her current care giver. But because they were slaves, they could not complain (which is probably the only reason that Jenny hadn't been squished to a pulp by him for yelling at Caitlin at times). Toby was the mediator between the two. Because they argued on the regular basis of once a week, very much like sisters do, Toby often had to step in and comfort one or the other. In the next few hours Caitlin and Jenny would apologize to each other.
"Nothing, Toby." Jenny said shortly.
"Now miss, I know that you don't wan to admit it, but that face is full of anger and sadness. What has upset you this time?" Toby asked calmly.
"I said it was nothing Toby!" Jenny was almost yelling.
"All right miss! Please, don't be angry at me, I meant no harm." Toby said quickly, the friendliness falling from his voice, becoming more distant by the second. Toby knew better than to anger any of the masters, in case one of the other slaves told on him for an extra piece of bread.
"Please leave me Toby, I am thinking." Said Jenny quietly. She was thinking about the arguments she had had today, and as Toby walked away a tear fell from one of her dark brown eyes, rolled down her cheek, and fell on her slightly torn dress. Right about then Jenny felt like she didn't have a friend in the world. "No crying Jenny, you're too old to cry." She told herself firmly and again became angry at Caitlin and Toby for thinking they were right.
Jenny may have not known it, but she was trying to hide her sadness and grief with anger, but in reality the argument was slowly eating away at her insides. When Jenny finally realized this, she knew that Caitlin was right, and slavery was wrong. That's when she heard the BANG-BANG of cannon fire, and the yelling and screaming of slaves. A rebellion was starting.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Here's a take on the past between Jin and I I thought it really fit, me to any of you.

Avril Lavigne

I will be

There's nothing I could say to you
Nothing I could ever do to make you see
What you mean to me
All the pain, the tears I cried
Still you never said goodbye
And now I know how far you'd go

I know I let you down
But it's not like that now
This time I'll never let you go

I will be all that you want
And get myself together
'cus you keep me from falling apart
All my life
I'll be with you forever
To get you through the day
And make everything okay

I thought that I had everything
I didn't know what life could bring
But now I see, honestly
You're the one thing I got right
The only one I let inside
Now I can breathe 'cus you're here with me

And if I let you down
I'll turn it all around
'cus I will never let you go

I will be all that you want
And get myself together
'cus you keep me from falling apart
All my life
I'll be with you forever
To get you through the day
And make everything okay

'cus without you I can't sleep
I'm not gonna ever ever let you leave
You're all I've got
You're all I want
And without you
I don't know what I'd do
I could never ever live a day without you
Here with me do ya see
You're all I need

And I will be all that you want
And get myself together
'cus you keep me from falling apart
All my life (my life)
I'll be with you forever (forever)
To get you through the day
And make everything okay (okay)
I will be all that you want (I'll be)
And get myself together (get myself together)
'cus you keep me from falling apart
All my life
I'll be with you forever
To get you through the day
And make everything okay

The first verse doesn't really mean anything but the rest does. =]

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I wrote a song, too

Here's a song I wrote that goes to Jin:

My tears are shed

I need you
I love you
I'd never do something like this to you
But I have
What have I done?

My tears are shed
My heart is shredded
This is my punishment
I take it gladly
It's better than nothing
I cling to your memory
And my tears are shed

What have I done
My tears are shed outside
In the moonlight
It's a dangerous night
But it's suicide
I can't live without you

My tears are shed
My heart is shredded
This is my punishment
I take it gladly
It's better than nothing
I cling to your memory
And my tears are shed

Your memory is better than nothing
I cling to it for my life
I can't live without you
My tears are shed
Oh, oooooooooh,
My heart is shredded
My tears are shed
I reminice in pain
As I smile, insane
Warped and twisted
My heart is shredded
My tears are shed

I wrote this for my little sis but it kind of works for how I feel about Jin right now.

Isn't it odd how tears are so clear, invisible even, and yet I cannot see through your tears to what you're really feeling?
Isn't it strange how words have no feel, they aren't touchable or tangible, but your words form such an impenetrable shield that I cannot see what you really think?
and all the while they hurt me, too.

You wear a mask of ice. I try so hard to chip through it and see the real you but you won't let me. do you let anybody? and then you are shocked when I misunderstand you.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The world's awesomest book title

Ten books that really screwed up the world and five others that we could've done without

Monday, June 23, 2008

I know

I know what your thinking. Ookami, your only supposed to post stories. But I just wanted to say before you get angry at the wrong person, that it was me who changed all the sites. It was me who didn't ask. Please don't hate me, it was a surprise, that I know most wont like at all, but thats okay. I'm sorry, no offense (really) but it's original look was a nightmare, and being that I'm skilled at designing sites (Everybody needs a hobby right?), I couldn't help my craving for such a challenge. It's a challenge because there isn't much you can redo on Blogger, so your welcome.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Forget what it was called

I had a title for this but i totally forget it so... If anyone thinks of a good one tell me!

The strength of shining diamond from the softness of black coal;
the smoothness of the pearl from gritty sand,
Thus strength will be found among the weak,
And the world is often times saved by their hand.

Pearl's beauty is protected by the dullness of the clam.
No one penetrates the diamond's liquid cover,
Thus will the weak protect the strong.
Not switched around this time to the other.

In strength and stubbornness there's no salvation
More than you can find in small and meek.
This time when danger comes we should to to them
For we will find within them what we seek.

The shy, they have been hidden for too long,
But soon all the world will see the truth;
The weak will soon find that they can be strong,
but only if they can retain their youth.

The children are protected by the father and the mother,
but their time will soon be at hand,
As diamonds are protected by a liquid cover,
and pearls are protected by the clam.

What do you think? Be honest.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Writers... oh, who gives a crap?

Yes, you got it: I have writers block. Any help here? This is only one page, and it's all I have. Should I drag her dream out longer?

Turns out I had a dream about unicorns. Actually, no. I sort of wish I did, though. Okay, I do wish it. I had a nightmare, but it was all too real.
Wire mesh in front of me, like a dog crate, other dog crates in the same room with me. I was scrunched down and in one, too. Which was bad, because I was claustrophobic. Experiments, needles, syringes, equipment...
And the smell.
So strong, so sickening, and it provoked memories I didn't even know I had. It smelled like a docters office, very antisepticky. I didn't know if they were just imagined images from a book I had read or scenes from a movie I had seen... but then I was nearly convinced they were real.
I saw my dad.
And he didn't exactly look in the 'nice' department, let me tell you.
I started screaming when I heard the saw.

"Angelea! It's just your alarm, chill out!"
"Huh? But... the saw..."
"I have no idea what you're talking about, but you need to get up."
I had stopped screaming to talk, and I looked around my room frantically. Skye was looking at me with her ears angled back.
"It's okay, kitty..." I crooned, reaching over to pet her. She purred.
"What was this one about?" Nani asked. I wanted to curl up into a ball and put my hands over my ears, anything to avoid talking about it. "That bad, huh?"
"Yep." was all I said. Nani patted my foot, that was all she could reach, then stretched over to pet Skye briefly. Her hair was already done and she was already dressed, just like always. Finally, something normal.
"Come on, time for breakfast." Nani said as she walked out fo my room. I got up to follow her.

One more thing:
In the dream, I had wings.

<> <> <>

We ate in silence, until finally, I decided to ask her what I had been avoiding. I had been chasing it around in my head all morning, which, okay, wasn't that long. But I Couldn't come up with an answer.
"Um, Nani?"
"Did Dad..." I gulped. "Experiment on... humans?"
Nani whirled to look at me.
"Why would you say that?"
"Just wondering... but did he?"
"I don't think so. I mean, he wasn't like that..."
But how would you know, Nani? You were only five.

(That's about 1.5 pages right there.)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chapter 7

I sighed, having second thoughts about this idiotic plan. Yes, I admit it’s idiotic. I mean, if he was really going to “take care of me” he’d let me fall and die. But if he wants all the glory of my death, he’d save me, than kill me. Wait! That made no sense…I thought dreadfully. I gulped and closed my eyes.
I was going through with it.
You’re an idiot. Was my last thought before I let myself jump off. After that, I didn’t think, I didn’t feel. I only let myself fall and pretend that Devin was saving me. No matter what, he’d always save me in my mind.
But no matter how hard I tried, the two feelings I can never get rid of these days haunted me: fear (that I’m going to die) and curiosity (is Devin’s really going to save me). They turned and twisted in the pit of my stomach. Eventually fear won the battle and I was terribly afraid. I was just ready to let out a scream when…
No, it’s not what you think. Devin didn’t save me. I hit the ground first, duh!
Okay, that’s not true either. Turns out neither happened.
Instead, I got snagged by a tree branch that had caught onto my shawl and my shirt.
I blew my curls out of my face annoyingly and folded my arms. This wasn’t going as I’d planned at all.
“Okay, I wasn’t expecting that but…I really should have.” A voice laughed.
“And now he shoes up!” I muttered loudly to myself, making it so he can hear. I felt a hand pull me up onto the tree branch. I looked up to see Devin. He wasn’t smiling though he’d been laughing a minute ago.
“You’re really good at this whole ‘damsel in distress’ thing.” He teased, a smile jerking up but never coming.
“Yeah, well you need to learn more on the whole ‘prince charming’ thing.” I teased back, not showing my joy that he was here and not just a figment of my imagination. Or at least I hoped not.
“Oh, so now I’m the prince charming?” he asked, seeming like he was getting angry. “But I’m the bad guy! When did I become prince charming, huh?!”
I twirled and gave him my angelic smile, “When you kissed me.” At that his head and shoulders slumped down.
“I knew I was going to regret doing that.” He muttered.
“Oh, don’t worry about that.” I said evilly “I’ll make sure you do.” He looked up at me now. He didn’t seem angry any more, or sad at all, more like he thought I couldn’t do that.
“And how are you?” he asked playfully, yet there was a hint of seriousness in there, I knew it.
“Well for one, I think Nani is going to band me from ever seeing you. So say goodbye.” I said, though that really wasn’t a way for him to regret it at all. It means less time for him to hypnotoxicate me. This is what he wanted.
“Yeah, that won’t stop me.” he finally smiled.
“Somehow I knew you were going to say that.” I sighed. So I found a different way. “This run is over, I’m gonna go home.” I went on my toes and kissed his cheek, “Bye-bye Devin.” I called as I hung off the branch and jumped to the bottom, it wasn’t that far down after all. I started walking away. I stole a glance at Devin’s completely shocked face.
“That’s what you get for kissing me,” I said meanly, turning back to the trail and then realizing I was lost. Like I knew my way home from the bottom of the overhang, I really am stupid.
<> <> <>
I eventually wandered home around…who knows?! I don’t keep a watch! I probably should. Anyway, I walked through the door and there stood Nani in the hallway, he eyes in glare mode, tapping her right foot on the wooden floor. That could only mean one thing. Grounded.
“You are in so much trouble, Angelea!” she shouted, walking over to me. “Do you have any idea of what time it is?”
“Not really…” I said nervously. I knew there were stars out but, how late could it be? Nani pointed angrily at the clock. It was half past midnight. “Oh.” I said, rubbing the back of my head in embarrassment, “my bad.”
“You’re still grounded.” She said.
“I know.” I sighed “I’m sorry it was such a long run, I bumped into Devin and…” I didn’t need to finish that sentence before I knew I had made a huge mistake.
“You bumped into Devin?” Nani said, trying to keep her temper down.
“Well…yes.” I said in a small voice.
“You-are-so-dead.” She said, pausing between each word to stop her from strangling me right then and there.
“I know.”
“Go to bed, now!”
“You don’t want to talk about this?”
“Fine, you were supposed to be back by lunchtime and you went on the longest walk in history and came back half past midnight!”
“Okay, I’ll take going to bed.” I walked quietly past Nani and into the kitchen, past the kitchen into the stairway going downstairs, which is where my room is, also Nani's across from mine. I went down the stairs and walked to my door. Then I noticed Nani’s room light was on. I let my curiosity get the better of me and I went in. I had been in Nani’s room thousands of times but I had never noticed this before. Normally Nani hung her pictures that she takes –Nani’s a professional photographer –above her bed. But this time, there was something else hanging there.
There was a dress, a ballroom gown. It had frilly light purple sleeves, a black collar and a grey see-through part that went down to the chest area and branched off an either side till it touched the sleeves. In the middle of where it branched, there was a small teardrop shaped hole. From the hole down along the stomach line was more of the grey cloth, it went all the way down the front until it stopped at the middle of the dress, which was marked with a golden-yellow ribbon wrapped around the waist area. All along the grey fabric below the hole had a criss-cross pattern in silky black ribbon. The rest of the top-half of the dress was dark purple (or red, i can't decide). After the golden-yellow ribbon, the dress widened and was –how I’d put it –puffy. One side of the bottom-half of the dress was dark purple (or red) with a black line going to the other side of the dress. On the other side it did the same thing. Leaving the middle of the bottom-half filled with light purple cloth that ended with the same golden-yellow ribbon at the bottom of the dress. It was different than any ballroom gown I’d ever seen.
“Do you like it?” Nani’s voice asked behind me. I turned around quickly and nervously. I thought she’d be mad but I saw a smile on her face.
“Actually, yes. I do like it, it reminds me of a purple (red) rose.” I said, turning back to look at the dress.
“I designed it.” Nani said happily. I now understood why she wasn’t mad at me staring at her dress in her room, she’d wanted me to see her creation.
You designed that dress?” I asked.
“Uh-huh. I’d taken so many pictures of girls in pretty ballroom gowns I finally decided I’d design one, make it, and take pictures of it and stuff. But now I can’t get anyone to wear it, I feel like no one but I should see it…well, except for you of course. I knew you’d encourage my designing dream.” Then I remembered. Grandma would always show me pictures of Nani’s amazing designs when I was little. But Nani always said she loved photography more. And so she went with that instead. But that never stopped her from drawing her designs. This was the first time she’d actually brought it to life.
“How did you make it?” I asked. Sadly, Nani didn’t have a clue of how to sow. Only I knew how, Grandma had taught me.
“Brain saw my design of it and he asked his mother to make it and she did. I was so happy I hung it here above my bed and I may never take it down!” she squealed. She’d never been this excited before. I smiled, I was happy for her.
“Good for you.” I said “now I’m off to bed.” I walked into my room and flopped down on the bed. Now all I had to worry about was whether I was going to have another nightmare, or not.