Saturday, May 31, 2008

Only Me

Me, only me
Why, only me?
Me, only me
Free, to be me
But I'm still lonely
When you're gone
But I'm still lonely
Whenever it's, only me

Me, only me
Stars, in the sky
Dark, yet still light
Day, yet still night
But I'm still here
Everyone's gone
But I'm still here
And it is, only me

It's only me!
I'm all by myself
I'm all alone
I'm on my own
For now...

Me, only me
Why, only me?
Me, only me
Free, to be me
But I'm still lonely
When you're gone
But I'm still lonely
Whenever it's only me...

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Woke up in a strange place
Where darkness all surounds
Heard a faint, lonely voice
And my heart started to pound

Then i heard a silent scream
From somewhere in the dark
But i knew that i was the only one there
So the coldness left its mark

I couldn't see anything
No shining light at all
So i closed my eyes and knew
That i was about to fall

Alone in a quiet place
Alone so all alone
And knowing that there's no one else
That scream had been my own

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chapter 3

I jolted up onto my feet at the thought of Nani’s special homemade pot roast and tasty veggie salad with homemade strawberry vinaigrette dressing. My mouth watered and I ran into the small kitchen.
“Mmm…” I said and sniffed the food scented air.
“I’ll take that as a yes, you’re awake.” Nani said “help yourself to some dinner. You’ll kill me if I stood in your way, anyway.”
“You’ve got that right.” I said and quickly got a plate and filled it with roast and salad.
“Please save some for me.” Nani said, slowly getting a plate and cutting a portion of roast.
“Alright, but I get the leftovers.”
“Don’t you always?” she asked snidely. I looked at her seriously. She backed up–freaked out–and hit the counter behind her. “S-sorry” she apologized.
“It’s alright.” I said, softening with a smile, “Teasing is a part of being family.” At that Nani got a little pale.
“Yeah,” she said nervously, getting herself some salad. I was going to press her on what was bugging her but decide not to since anything can bug her or make her nervous. Instead I asked a different question.
“Hay Nani?” I asked “what was mo and dad like?”
Okay, I know that probably sounded really weird, but I didn’t know.
Our parents left shortly after I was born to go work overseas. Nani and I were taken care of by our grandmother. But grandma died after I turned ten. Nani really didn’t count as a legal guardian until eighteen but the law force here knew Nani enough to say that if she finishes High School with all A’s then she could watch over me as a guardian until she goes to college.
“You never asked that question before.” She said, actually surprised, “What brings it up now?”
“Curiosity.” I answered, looking away quickly.
“I don’t remember that much. You were one year old and I was five. But I remember them being…different. They were scientists, well, dad was. Mom was an explorer; she kept exotic animals from all around the world. The only ones who died were her eagle and cougar. They were experiments, experimented on by dad.”
I took this all in, and then it popped into my mind, “Wait! Mom had a cougar?!”
“Oh yeah, so? She had pretty much every animal. She even had a monkey, well, a lemur to be exact.”
“Whoa…” I muttered.
“Not really” she said “she took all the animals with her.”
“Why?” I asked.
“Dad wanted to continue experimenting on them.”
“Oh.” I said and finished off my salad, “Delicious.” I laid back in the chair.
“And I haven’t even sat down yet.” Nani sighed and sat down across from me. I got up.
“I’m going for a run.” I said. I didn’t even need to say it. I always went for a run when I was feeling confused or sad. Nani knew this and never pressed me on what’s wrong.
I walked out of the door and felt the wind on me, plus clear droplets of fresh clean water. Heavy rain. I closed my eyes and breathed in. This was my favorite weather. I wished it could last forever. I walked out into the rain and I couldn’t help but laugh and spin around.
I wonder if I got my carefree-ness from mom. I thought. I didn’t want to think of confusing or sad thoughts so I just started running in no particular direction.
I loved feeling the wind whip by me. I felt–if I closed my eyes–like I could fly. I wish I could. I slowed to a walk when I was tired; panting like a dog trying to catch my breath. Suddenly a movement caught my eye and my guard went up, I listened with eagle-like hearing. Nothing but the patter of rain and the howl of the wind. I tried to relax but couldn’t so I sat down on the curb and breathed in the watery, damp air.
“You like this weather?” a familiar voice asked. I gasped and snapped my head in the direction of the voice. It was the violet-eyed boy.
“H-how did you find me?” I asked.
“Easy” he answered, “your scent.” I growled at his answer.
“Aren’t you going to go on with your Hypnotoxicating thing?” I asked, my belly doing flips as he walked toward me, no sound coming from his footsteps.
“No.” he answered and sat next to me, staring at the rain clouds, “Because I love this weather too.” I stared at him till he felt my eyes on him. “What?” he asked. Looking at me from the corner of his eyes.
“I want you to.” I said. This time he turned his head to actually get a good look at me.
“You want to be hypnotoxicated?” he asked with surprise.
“Well…” I started, staring into his eyes quickly, “yes.” He noticed me looking into his eyes and ripped his gaze away from mine as fast as he could. “Who are you?” I asked.
“I can only tell you my name.” He said then was quiet for about two minutes.
“And your name is…?” I asked impatiently.
“Oh! Yeah, it’s Devin.” He snuck a glance at me and ended up staring into my eyes. “You have…” he said “beautiful eyes.” He didn’t mean it as a compliment, or insult. Just a sudden thing he randomly blurted out. But all the same I felt my cheeks heat up. But he was so lost in my eyes that he didn’t notice.
“What?” I said, breaking the silence, “You act as though I’m hypnotoxicating you.” He seemed to snap back to reality.
“No,” he said, looking away. “Your eyes are just plain…hypnotizing.” I giggled. He took some time to look at me, but not directly in the eyes. He gave me an amazing lopsided smile, “You’re beautiful.” I was taken aback.
“Aren’t you after me?” I asked seriously.
“Well…technically yes I am but…” he didn’t finish his sentence when he was once again lost in my eyes.
“But what?” I asked, curiosity rising.
“I can’t tell you.” He said, returning to reality, “I have to go back to hypnotoxicating you now. That’s what you wanted anyway, right?”
“No!” I shouted “not right now, please. I want it but…” I stopped, leaving his curiosity up high.
“But what?” he asked. I smiled and his eyes widened, captivated by my smile. He seemed truly speechless.
“I’m not allowed to tell you.” I said. He knew I was mocking him. I suddenly realized we were soaked from the rain. I could tell he noticed too by the movement of him getting closer to me for heat. The water droplets were freezing cold.
“You teaser” he muttered, very close to me now.
“You’re one to talk.” I said slyly “you hypnotoxicator.” Then the talk ended. He was only inches from me. I stared into his eyes and he stared into mine.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Chapter 2

Chapter 2
I took another step toward him, everything screaming at me to run, every fiber of my being flying into a panicked frenzy.
“Angelea! What are you doing?” someone called from down the hall. Footsteps came toward the two of us, but I could not tear my eyes away from the boy’s. He let out an exasperated sigh, walking away down another hall too quickly. I heard him walk away, his shoes making soft clicks on the tile. I made a move to follow him, but just as I did, his powers released me.
“Angelea? Hello? Angelea?” Nani was shaking my shoulder now.
“Oh, what?” I asked. “Sorry Nani.”
“It’s okay…who was that guy, anyway?”
“I…I don’t know. He had a funny word…it was weird. Hypnotoxicating, I think he said.”
“Hypnotoxicating?” Nani asked.
“Yeah, that was it…I think.” She looked at me, concerned.
“You’re coming to class with me. And what happened to your hands?” she asked as she took my arm and led me to her class.
Nani’s classes passed quickly to her, but not to me. I doodled idly in her notebook during her classes. First I drew an interesting flower, then beautiful eagle wings, then a cute little girl, and some things I didn’t know exactly what they were. The final bell rang as I was shading a large heart that I had recently drawn. Nani shoved her books into her backpack, putting my dropped pencil in the ‘special’ pencil pocket. She said it expanded but she had never let me put my hand in it to see. She also took her notebook, putting it on top of the others.
“Sorry, I’ll bet that was boring.” She said as we stepped out of the classroom.
“Sort of,” I said, shrugging. “It would have been nice I if had, had a book with me, though.”
“You could have gone to the library.”
“You wouldn’t let me go, remember Nani?”
“Oh yeah, I made you come to class with me.” She said. I nodded.
“Yeah, next time, just let me go to the library, okay?” We passed through the doors outside. I looked for the violet-eyed boy, but he was nowhere in sight, and every kid in the school was out here. The buses started to leave and I sprinted to get them to stop. I felt eyes on me when the bus stopped, but I couldn’t be sure. I had taken a step toward the biggest tree when Nani shook me.
“Come on or we’ll miss the bus!”
We climbed the bus stairs, but I could still feel the penetrating eyes as we rounded the corner.
“Hey Nani!” I yelled over the noise of the other kids.
“Yeah?” She called back.
“If you can legally drive, why do we ride the bus?” I asked.
“I dunno, I never thought about it.”
“Yeah, that just occurred to me.”
At home, I plopped down on our tan couch, my backpack next to me. I had what little homework I had completed, and I thought I deserved my giant chocolate bunny that Nani had bought for me for good grades. I turned on the TV and put in a movie, tearing open my chocolate bunny in one bite. About halfway through the movie, I fell asleep.
I woke up to melted chocolate on my fingers. I TV was turned off and the aroma of strawberry vinaigrette salad dressing wafted in from the kitchen. My stomach rumbled.
“Are you awake?” Nani asked from the kitchen.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chapter 1

Chapter 1
She sat on the red cushioned chair, hugging her knees. Guess where I was? That’s right, the principal’s office. She was there too. “Calm down Nani.” I said to her. She looked at me but remained silent. Her long–past shoulder length–black hair hung over her knees and her dark blue eyes filled with worry.
“Calm down.” I repeated, touching her pale skin with my hand. She immediately let herself go limp at my touch and she just sat there.
“Too calm.” I said my hand still on her arm. Her head jolted up. I pulled my hand away.
“I hate it when you do that.” She said.
“Sorry.” I apologized “but you have no need to freak out like that.” She sighed then a lady walked out of the door next to us…the principal. She glared at my sister (the girl who was freaking out).
“Welcome to my office Miss Nani Allen.” She said to my sister.
“Now’s the time to freak out.” I said. The principal looked at me with a warm smile.
“Hello Angelea.” She said to me “I’m sure you know why you’re here?”
“Of course.” I replied “her.” I pointed to my sister.
“Yes, Nani has been bad.” She said. Nani stared at me.
“What?” I mouthed to her. She snarled and the principal looked straight at her.
“Silence!” I principal hissed. I giggled and watched Nani cower back in fear. I rolled my eyes.
“Mrs. Mallory.” I said to the principal “I feel she’s done nothing wrong.” I smiled my angelic smile that was usually too cute to resist, stood up, and touched Mrs. Mallory’s shoulder. She blinked at me and I let my blonde curls fall over my shoulders.
“I see your point.” Mrs. Mallory said “you may go.” I pleased her by saying ‘thank you’ and walked away with Nani.
“Wow. Sometimes your powers can come in–” she never finished the sentence before I clasped my hands over her mouth and pulled her into a dark corner.
“You ever say the ‘P word’ again I will hunt you down personally, torture you till your three-fourths dead, then drop you on the streets to die.” I threatened menacingly. Nani scared easily, she started to hyperventilate and dropped to the floor, hugging her knees. I sighed, “You’re hopeless.”
“I may be hopeless but at least I’m not scary!” She said.
“I’m only scary to you Nani.” I said, helping her up.
“Then I’ve got common sense.” She said, brushing herself off, “Those who don’t’ fear you may die.” I glared at her. She moved around me and walked shakily away. I watched her till she disappeared behind the next corner.
“What am I going to do with her?” I said to myself, shaking my head. I began walking down the halls of our school. Oh yeah, hi! I’m Angelea; I’m twelve with curly blonde hair, peachy skin, and dark orange eyes. Nani is my easily freaked older sister. She’s sixteen; I can’t believe she’s older than me. I’m also only half an inch shorter than her!
As I walked I felt a whoosh of air under me and I fell to the ground. I tried to catch myself with my hands but ended with scraping up my hands.
“Ouch.” I said, getting up.
“Are you alright?” a voice asked in front of me. I looked up and there was a boy standing there. He was about two inches taller than me with brown hair and brown eyes. He stared down at me.
“Y-yeah” I said, intimidated by his presence.
“You sure? Your hands are bleeding.” He said, pointing to my hands. They were in fact bleeding.
“Well this sucks!” I said.
“I’ll take you to the nurse.” He offered.
“Whatever.” My way of accepting. He took my hands and held them over my head. “What are you doing?” I asked.
“If you hold your hands over your head it slows the blood flow and helps the bleeding stop.” He explained and started walking. I followed with my hands over my head. Soon we reached a white door with a symbol of a red medical cross on it.
“You can’t miss it.” the boy said, opening the door and looked at me, “you can put your hands down now.” I quickly put them down, embarrassed.
“Thank you.” I said, careful not to meet his eyes as I walked into the nurse’s office. As soon as the door closed I let out a long sigh, “Whoa…”
The room was white; it had a sick bed, a table with two chairs and a clipboard lying on the table. Everything had the unorganized feeling. I glanced around the small room. No one was around. “Hello?” I called into the empty room. Then a woman in a nurse outfit walked out from behind a curtain. I let out a startled shriek; I had thought the curtain was the wall.
“Sorry to startle you.” The nurse apologized; I noticed she had a dainty voice and appearance. She had normal brown hair wrapped up on top of her head and tanish skin. She also had unusual blue eyes that were almost grey.
“It’s alright.” I said “I’m just here with bleeding hands.” The school nurse walked over and gently held my hands in front of her so she could examine them closely.
“Let’s see,” She said “I’ll fix that up.” She went behind the ‘wall curtain’ and came back with some medical stuff. As soon as I saw the medical stuff I got a shiver down my spine and I suddenly for no reason wanted to run away. My heart started pumping as she came close with the medical stuff. But I returned to my normal state when she set them on the table.
She first got one cotton ball, dipped it into some clear liquid from a bottle, and then pressed it onto my hands. I didn’t wince, the pain was completely bearable. Then she got this tan cream and rubbed it over the surface of my cuts, which hurt worse but was still bearable. Finally she wrapped them in some gauze-like stuff for about three minutes.
“You’re good.” She said “that was easy enough.”
“I hope so.” I said. I turned and walked out of the office. As soon as I walked out my eyes flickered to the figure by the wall. I turned and saw it was a boy leaning on the wall with his head down. He had black hair, pale skin, and a smirk.
“Good job, you sensed me and saw me without a flicker of movement from me.” He raised his head and revealed his deep violet eyes. They were hypnotizing. Everything else seemed to melt away, surrounded by blackness and the violet of his eyes that bore into mine and seemed to melt me on the inside. I felt his power taking over. I tried to pull away but ended up only taking a step toward him.
“That’s right.” He said in a soft voice “you love the hypnotoxicating.”

Friday, May 23, 2008


Okay Jin, finish that Chapter 3! Anyway, for those who don't know, I'm on the phone with Jin RIGHT NOW! She's eating strawberries with one hand, writing with the other and holding the phone all at the same time!!! And we're going to trade books at the end-of-school-beggining-of-summer party tonight at seven at Rose Mary's house. So yeah! And then I get to type it up and write chapter four! yay!!! I'm new here so yeah.

Keep writing, dang it!!! (jk! wuvs you!)


Sorry again

hahaha! i have a draft of Chapter 1 on right now, but, i can't finish it today. i will tomorrow. it's only because i have to finish Chapter 3 like i was today cuz i have to give it to Caliber so she can write Chapter 4

Saturday, May 17, 2008


i was going to post Chapter 1 of Bid My BLooD To Run on here but i haven't finished it yet, sorry. so you'll get it once i finish it, that will probably be today since i've almost finished it anyway.

Friday, May 16, 2008


this is the Prologue to my story Bid My BLooD To Run

"What have you done?" i heard a woman scream, "What have you done?! " My eyes opened slowly, my vision blurry, then clear. The room was pitch black but i could see everything. I tried to sit up but my body fell down onto something hard. It was a table, a metal table. I let a groan escape me. My body ached all over, i couldn't even feel my back. I tried to ignore the pain by listening to the converstaion behing an iron door.
"I've made history." a man's voice replied to the earlier scream.
"You made history?!" the woman's high pitched screaming voice was back "You meddled with things you shouldn't!"
"We'll be rich because of this Loretta." Ther man was obviously trying to calm the woman...Loretta.
"Is money worth it?" Loretta asked, i could hear sobs from her between each and every word.
"Of course it is Loretta, of course it is."
"B-but what if it kills her? What if it's not safe? You could've killed her! She still might die..."
"Loretta, i ran tests. It's perfectly safe. She'll be fine." I could tell that since the crying continued Loretta was not satisfyed. The talking stopped, but i was already intruiged. Who was this 'she' girl? i just had to know.
I started to get up before i fell down. "My body..." i breathed "is too weak." I closed my eyes and let myself do nothing but breathe for five seconds. Then i forced my hurting arms to push my weak bosy into a sitting position. I winced and stopped myself from yelling out in pain. I looked around. In the room were tools uppn tools, talbles with rubber straps, tubes with strange labels on them, and knock-out gas. Wonder what that was for...?
There were also cages, ten to be exact. They were dog cages. Intersesting. I thought. I tried to move my legs but ended up only making the pain worse and unbearable. I caught myself on my hands when i fell, which hurt a lot. But my hands couldn't hold me up for long. I fell back onto the metal table. I turned my head up to try again but something caught my eye right above me. I turned my body painfully till i could tell what it was.
It was a white paper with words in big, black, bold letters, it was hanging on a ceiling light. I read the letters in my mind and my eyes widened: Experiment 1, hybrid of 3.
I saw those words and let out a terrified scream. There were noises outside the room then the iron door clicked. It opened quickly. In the doorway was a man with a white coat, black hair, and dark eyes. He held a dog cage in his right hand.
"Looks like you're awake." he said with a smirk. Then an unexpected scream escaoed my lips as it enetered my mind what he was going to do.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

you make up a title

so i cant think of any thing to post but you guys wanted me to post so here you go. probably not what you had in mind but oh well lol

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Random Story Peice

I walked down the quiet hall of school. Quiet?! Yeah, right. More like the hall of shouts and yelling. Also it was so crowded i had to shoulder my way through, trying not to drop the two books i held clutched to me. i was finally able to to reach the blue lockers on the sie of the hall. Locker #23, how does Fantasy make it there every day?
Easy, i guess. she walked over with ease and started opening the locker. "Dude..." i said "how do you do that?" She looked at me with a confused look.
"What?" she asked "open my locker?"
"No, no, no." i said, shaking my head, "i meant get here without being trampled by preps and cheerleaders?" she giggled and jerked her locker open.
"I trample them first." she joked.

that's all i'm going to show right now, i have two and a half more pages of that story but i'm good for any opinons on what is shown right now...