Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My dream that i'll post on our dreamers blog once everyone has seen adeen's post

okay, i had a drean (no duh, but you get what i mean):

I (as Jinnyn) was standing in this strange alley, everything had a greyish blue tinge to it. i looked around, not worried in the least. i'd grown up in a place like this after all.

"I know you're there." i called into the darkness, sensing a strange presence. "So come out, or would you rather i force you out." i didn't state it as a question, more like a threat. i cracked my neck to show them i was serious. Then a movement flickered in my mind, the someone was behond me. i sniffed the air, a girl's sent waffered in. (yes, boys and girls have distinct sents.)

"No one told me you'd be able to sense the unsensable." the girl said, her voice light and mocking. "You're the first to ever sense me, congrads." She let out a small chuckle. i still didn't turn around. feeling no need to speak, i said nothing. "Hmph! show a little respect and face me." she demanded "or at least speak." i found this an appropriate time to talk.

"i had nothing to say till now." i said "and maybe i don't need to see your face to know you're a girl, 'bout 5'3" and you aim to kill me. the last bit i know cuz i smell the lust of blood in your scent."

"You can tell all that by a simple sniff of the air that's caught hold of my scent?" she asked bluntly, obviously not interested. "Still, you were right, except i'm 5'4" instead. one inch off"

"Close enough." i snarled. i turned. the girl had crimson hair to her shoulders, curling out at the ends. she had icy blue eyes and teeth that were amazingly peculiar. "Get out of my sight." i spat "you won't even get close to touching me before you find yourself dead."

"What a threat." she said, not scared at all "you flatter me though. i imagined a normal looking girl. but i see you're not so normal looking. i wish i had eyes the color of burning coals." her voice hinted that she was kidding but also serious.

"It wasn't a threat." i said calmly "it was a fact." the girl frowned. anyone could tell i wasn't her favorite prey.

"Let's test that out, huh!" she ran at me, i tensed, waiting for her to get a little bit closer...
she fell to the floor, her head bent in a weird position. there in front of her stood caliber. the REAL caliber.

"Don't you dare lay a hand on my prey." she growled angrily.

"Nice to see you again, cal." i said, saying the nickname with tease.

"YOU" she said, turning and pointing. "You know the truth, why? why did this girl, Adeen. why did she kill my father?!" Caliber's eyes turned hard and filled with rage. "She had no right! she had no reason!!" She was furious now. i stood still, choosing not to speak again. turning this all through my head.

"Confused idiot." i said after a few moments "you really are a confused idiot."

"What?!" Caliber roared "how dare you! i asked you a simple question, and saved your life, and you insult me."

"Saved. my. life?" i asked, pausing between each for slowly. "you didn't save me. i didn't need you, i would've killed her. you just got to her first. and you asked me a question that was falsely stated." Caliber lifted her eyebrows and let her body realax.

"What do you mean 'falsely stated'?" her eyes softened "you mean, she didn't kill my father? i've been hunting the wrong girl? who did kill my father?"

"That also was a confused statment. you're father was not killed by adeen. but Kyro was."

"That made no sense, Kyroshiran is my father."

"See? that's what makes you confused. you see, Kyro was not your father, your not even realated to him in any way."

"What do you mean?"

"Give me your hand."

"Why?" Caliber's guard went up immediantly.

"I want to show you something." Caliber gently held otu her hand and placed it in mine. i closed my eyes and began the spell. soon a circle appeared above our hands. the circle shown a bright blinding light in the middle and frosted into a clear picture. (yes, it frosted into a clear picture.) the picture was of a baby girl in it's mother's arms.

"That's me." Cal said "and that's my mother. Avain." i almost burst out laughing, but was able to keep calm and resume a serious expression.

"Your mother is not avain at all. that is adeen's mother, whom kyro was in love with."

"Does that mean that avain is just the love of my father?"

"Get it through your head idiot! Kyro is not your father! He is!" a man walked into the picture and took baby cal from the mother's arms. "That woman you see, is not even Avain." Caliber's eyes widened with shock. "this is your mother and father." a second later the mother was on the phone, talking to a doctor of some sort.

"What do you mean she only has five hours!?" the mother asked, her voice raising higher.

"Caliber only has five hours to live." the doctor said through the phone.


"No more nonesense, there is nothing more we can do for your daughter." the phone was hung up and the mother was on her knees crying so loud it hurt my sensitive ears, and it hurt cal's too. the father began comforting her, but the image switched before we could see more. it showed her grave, cal's grave.

Cal tried to pull away in horror but i grabbed her hand. "You let go and the image will fade away." i said calmly, "you see, everything we're seeing, is being pulled from your memories that Kyro made you forget." Cal stared at the picture in front of her. her dead self must've seen her grave, and also seen Kyro kill her parents, cuz that's what we were now witnessing.

"NO!" Caliber shreiked, trying to free herself from my grip "NO!" she was crying now, pulling with all her strength. but she couldn't free her hand.

"Watch!" i shoutd angrily, my voice deepened like it did when i changed to my wolf form, though i stayed as a human. she started watching now, scared i'd kill her if she disobeyed. the picture we now saw was Kyro bringing her back to life. i let her hand go, she'd seen enough. she narrowed her eyes in sadness.

"I don't beleive it." she said, more tears streaming onto her cheeks. she fell to her knees, her hands hidden in her face. "you lie." she said, wiping away her tears and was on her feet in half a second. "you're lying to me! i don't beleive any of that crap! he WAS my father and i know it! and for that, i swear i'll kill you too! i'll kill you and adeen! you'll pay! YOU'LL BOTH PAY!" she disappeared in a second. i sniffed what remained of her scent.

"good." i smiled "because she was here for a while i finally got enough of her scent to see what she was." i smirk crossed my face as i figured it out. "she's a sorceress, a Mintelli sorceress. finally, someone that may just be a watch for me."

that's it. that's my dream. for the record, a Mintelli Sorceress is a powerful mage creature like a shape-shifter. it's original form is a girl with cat-like features, which is why she looked to much like a cat. but she can change into anything except a dragon, werewolf, pure wolf, or fairy. (yes, she can change into a vampire and then back to a human.) but they have a twist to their powers. every time they're able to hit their opponent, they gain more strength until they posses ten times more pwer than their opponent.


Adeen said...

ok that's kind of freaky. and did your post on dreamers diaries get deleted? I'm sorry! did I do that? If I did, I'm so, so, so sorry! And thanks for telling Caliber. I was worried about that note she left me... it said "I told you, it's not over yet." I guess she knows that you told me and she's going to kill me. But if she tries, I'm going to fight as hard as I can. And speaking of which, how did she get into the physical world and leave me a note? Unless her human form broke into my house and took some of my stuff, leaving a peculiar scent.

Rose Mary said...

that explains so much.

Rose Mary said...

who was the first girl? the one who cal killed?