Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Truth about lies: Another side to this world

Here's a part of my new book I came up with. I got bored and decided to do another, more exciting cross between the dreamers world and our world. It's a school in the middle of Salt Lake City... but it's exclusively for magical creatures. In human form, of course. I'll start it now!

(Part of Chapter one, just got bored and havn't written the beggining of it yet)

"That's Fang," Jenna said, nodding in the direction of a pale, spacey-looking girl. Another girl sitting with her back to her had wolf ears- light brown ones. Her eyes were yellow and she looked like she was bored, her elbow on the table with her head resting on her fist. "The girl sitting next to her is Jax. Her real name is-" The girl, Jax, suddenly snarled, baring large, intimidating canine teeth. My breath caught in my throat and I jumped back. She was a werewolf! Of course! Jax's brown hair seemed to bristle. "Well, I'll let her tell you that... when she wants too." Jax had jumped up on the table, going into full wolf form, her face just inches from Jenna's. Jenna's blue eyes were alarmed, but not afraid. "Fang doesn't say much, but she's there." Fang didn't flinch at the sound of her name, but somehow I knew she was listening. I coulnd't help but stare at Fang. She was so pretty. Her skin was a dark tan, and her hair was black with red and white streaks- the school colors, I realized.
Ice shot across the table to where I was sitting, encasing me in ice but stopping at my neck. I gasped. Fang turned slowly to look at me.
"Why are you staring?" She asked slowly, her green eyes flecked with copper slowly turning to a deep brown. I was stunned. Was she a vampire? When I didn't answer, her eyes narrowed.
"I said, why are you staring?"