Friday, November 7, 2008

Uchiha Secrets/ Deep In Darkness

The title of this post is the two options of the title of my new book. Please choose one cuz i can't decide.

(Anything in []'s are the way the names are pronounced.)
For my new book i'm using names of my friends only spelled differently. i use the name Jordan for 3 characters: Jordan (girl), Jorden (guy), Jordyn (girl). so if you want to tell me the names of your friends spelled weirdly (like: Ashylii[ashley], a girl from my book as well. Or Alyss[alice], a name not in my book. anything like that.)

the prologue is the death of this girl, who ends up being Tawyni[tawny] Uchiha, mother of Ambyr Uchiha, my main character. And i decided that everyone in her family will have a Y in their name. Her mom: Tawyni[Tawny]. Her little sisters: Jordyn[Jordan] and Caitlyn (who they call Cayte[katie].) and that's all i can say cuz my mom's kicking me off the compy. later.


Rose Mary said...

I vote deep in the darkness.

Jin said...

yesh, i like that one but i can't decide cuz the other one says the word 'secret' in it and i love that word in a title. but deep in darkness is a good title too. (p.s. RM, it's Deep In Darkness, not Deep In The Darkness)

Rose Mary said...