Saturday, August 23, 2008

Me and my friend's website

Me and some of my closest friends (In colorado-winks-) Made this warriors roleplay website that we need for people to join in! Its perfectly safe and every one there is friendly

It seemed like ages ago, it happened. In the shining city of New York, it was so quick and painless hardly a person knew what happened. But the cats saw it coming.StarClan had told them, after many years of fighting and no sign of letting up, they were going to destroy them all. And StarClan does not lie. A few who were innocent knew enough to take refuge, even though they knew they would die anyways. But the fighting continued, the leaders blinded by arrogance and warriors following whatever their higher ups commanded. Those who hid...They were kept alive, by some miracle. Just kits, with luck enough for a parent or sibling for the time being. So they grew, and were taught what remained of the Clans by whoever was left to teach. Among the rubble and filth, a new life began to build.But nothing is ever happy for too long. Some prophecy or another predicts imminent doom, but not this time. It seems the felines prowling New York weren't the only ones spared. As the kits grew into apprentices, and apprentices into warriors, new life began to throb among the debris. More creatures once considered prey spawned, and began to populate. The surivors thought themselves lucky - creating new Clans, as it was all they knew, and prey beginning to come alive.But with the prey came predators. The leaders had heard no sign of StarClan - the medicine cats, although found a new Moonstone, had no dreams and no prophecies to at least show them that their astral ancestors were still there to guide them. And without them, the leaders were stuck with just one life, and in the meanwhile, things like wolves and coyotes began to prowl. With the forest animals came those from zoos - tigers, leopards, panthers, and lions. It's all the Clans can do just to survive one day, let alone long enough to locate their only source of hope.How they manage is soley up those who've disappeared.Was StarClan so mad they left - forever?

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Krosemarie said...

Just wanted to say thank you so much, Rose Marie for all your comments on my poetry blog!!! Your comments are often what keep me going here!!!