Saturday, October 11, 2008


Ok, so here's the deal: I'll post pictures of the people, closest I can get, ok?

Shaun(Aidou, yes.)

Shaun again(Ichijou, yes.)

I couldn't really find anyone that fit how I pictured the characters exceot for in vampire knight... you know, tall, thin, smexy... so I'm really not trying to use them.

I know that Kacey has brown hair but just picture Zero with brown hair and you have Kacey.(Zero, yes.)

I always imagined Kacey with light brown hair- it looks dark when it's wet. This is a really good Kacey picture because it looks a lot like him- especially when Shaun sucks his blood(stupid bloodsucker. He should be a lawyer).

Here's Holly. It's the perfect picture- but she wears jeans instead of a skirt.

This is Miranda- she's Holly's best friend. You havn't met her yet, but I have written the beggining. I'llpost it as soon as there's enough to post, ok?

Well, there you have it, pictures for the characters!!! All pictures (c) to their owners.


Jin said...


i love the new story, by the way. it's sooooooooo good, just a little rushed, like it started out too soon, but i love it anyway! sweet characters. and i'll e-mail you chapter 9 of BMBTR so you'll know where we are, okay?

Adeen said...

well it didn't start like that that's just the scary part. I havn't posted the beggining yet, but I have been writing it. I develop the characters more in the beggining. It was based on a random nightmare I had a while back. Instead of Kacey and Shaun, it was Canis and Kourton, Kourton as Kacey and Canis as Shaun. You know my history with them. Apparantly I'm getting the dreamer world mixed up with my memories...

Adeen said...

but I'm so happy you like it!!!

Rose Mary said...

stupid bloodsucker. He should be a lawyer.


Adeen said...