Saturday, June 21, 2008

Forget what it was called

I had a title for this but i totally forget it so... If anyone thinks of a good one tell me!

The strength of shining diamond from the softness of black coal;
the smoothness of the pearl from gritty sand,
Thus strength will be found among the weak,
And the world is often times saved by their hand.

Pearl's beauty is protected by the dullness of the clam.
No one penetrates the diamond's liquid cover,
Thus will the weak protect the strong.
Not switched around this time to the other.

In strength and stubbornness there's no salvation
More than you can find in small and meek.
This time when danger comes we should to to them
For we will find within them what we seek.

The shy, they have been hidden for too long,
But soon all the world will see the truth;
The weak will soon find that they can be strong,
but only if they can retain their youth.

The children are protected by the father and the mother,
but their time will soon be at hand,
As diamonds are protected by a liquid cover,
and pearls are protected by the clam.

What do you think? Be honest.


Jin said...

i think it's awesome & true

Rose Mary said...


Jin said...

you're welcome

griffinrider said...

i like it. a whole lot. good job!

MoOn said...

Er... That was, er? Awasome! How can you come up with something that has so many meanings to it?

Sozness about b4, I was speechless

Rose Mary said...

I dunno. i was just riding my bike to school and I got bored so I started thinking and I ended up with this. thanks!