Sunday, June 29, 2008

The world's awesomest book title

Ten books that really screwed up the world and five others that we could've done without

Monday, June 23, 2008

I know

I know what your thinking. Ookami, your only supposed to post stories. But I just wanted to say before you get angry at the wrong person, that it was me who changed all the sites. It was me who didn't ask. Please don't hate me, it was a surprise, that I know most wont like at all, but thats okay. I'm sorry, no offense (really) but it's original look was a nightmare, and being that I'm skilled at designing sites (Everybody needs a hobby right?), I couldn't help my craving for such a challenge. It's a challenge because there isn't much you can redo on Blogger, so your welcome.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Forget what it was called

I had a title for this but i totally forget it so... If anyone thinks of a good one tell me!

The strength of shining diamond from the softness of black coal;
the smoothness of the pearl from gritty sand,
Thus strength will be found among the weak,
And the world is often times saved by their hand.

Pearl's beauty is protected by the dullness of the clam.
No one penetrates the diamond's liquid cover,
Thus will the weak protect the strong.
Not switched around this time to the other.

In strength and stubbornness there's no salvation
More than you can find in small and meek.
This time when danger comes we should to to them
For we will find within them what we seek.

The shy, they have been hidden for too long,
But soon all the world will see the truth;
The weak will soon find that they can be strong,
but only if they can retain their youth.

The children are protected by the father and the mother,
but their time will soon be at hand,
As diamonds are protected by a liquid cover,
and pearls are protected by the clam.

What do you think? Be honest.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Writers... oh, who gives a crap?

Yes, you got it: I have writers block. Any help here? This is only one page, and it's all I have. Should I drag her dream out longer?

Turns out I had a dream about unicorns. Actually, no. I sort of wish I did, though. Okay, I do wish it. I had a nightmare, but it was all too real.
Wire mesh in front of me, like a dog crate, other dog crates in the same room with me. I was scrunched down and in one, too. Which was bad, because I was claustrophobic. Experiments, needles, syringes, equipment...
And the smell.
So strong, so sickening, and it provoked memories I didn't even know I had. It smelled like a docters office, very antisepticky. I didn't know if they were just imagined images from a book I had read or scenes from a movie I had seen... but then I was nearly convinced they were real.
I saw my dad.
And he didn't exactly look in the 'nice' department, let me tell you.
I started screaming when I heard the saw.

"Angelea! It's just your alarm, chill out!"
"Huh? But... the saw..."
"I have no idea what you're talking about, but you need to get up."
I had stopped screaming to talk, and I looked around my room frantically. Skye was looking at me with her ears angled back.
"It's okay, kitty..." I crooned, reaching over to pet her. She purred.
"What was this one about?" Nani asked. I wanted to curl up into a ball and put my hands over my ears, anything to avoid talking about it. "That bad, huh?"
"Yep." was all I said. Nani patted my foot, that was all she could reach, then stretched over to pet Skye briefly. Her hair was already done and she was already dressed, just like always. Finally, something normal.
"Come on, time for breakfast." Nani said as she walked out fo my room. I got up to follow her.

One more thing:
In the dream, I had wings.

<> <> <>

We ate in silence, until finally, I decided to ask her what I had been avoiding. I had been chasing it around in my head all morning, which, okay, wasn't that long. But I Couldn't come up with an answer.
"Um, Nani?"
"Did Dad..." I gulped. "Experiment on... humans?"
Nani whirled to look at me.
"Why would you say that?"
"Just wondering... but did he?"
"I don't think so. I mean, he wasn't like that..."
But how would you know, Nani? You were only five.

(That's about 1.5 pages right there.)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chapter 7

I sighed, having second thoughts about this idiotic plan. Yes, I admit it’s idiotic. I mean, if he was really going to “take care of me” he’d let me fall and die. But if he wants all the glory of my death, he’d save me, than kill me. Wait! That made no sense…I thought dreadfully. I gulped and closed my eyes.
I was going through with it.
You’re an idiot. Was my last thought before I let myself jump off. After that, I didn’t think, I didn’t feel. I only let myself fall and pretend that Devin was saving me. No matter what, he’d always save me in my mind.
But no matter how hard I tried, the two feelings I can never get rid of these days haunted me: fear (that I’m going to die) and curiosity (is Devin’s really going to save me). They turned and twisted in the pit of my stomach. Eventually fear won the battle and I was terribly afraid. I was just ready to let out a scream when…
No, it’s not what you think. Devin didn’t save me. I hit the ground first, duh!
Okay, that’s not true either. Turns out neither happened.
Instead, I got snagged by a tree branch that had caught onto my shawl and my shirt.
I blew my curls out of my face annoyingly and folded my arms. This wasn’t going as I’d planned at all.
“Okay, I wasn’t expecting that but…I really should have.” A voice laughed.
“And now he shoes up!” I muttered loudly to myself, making it so he can hear. I felt a hand pull me up onto the tree branch. I looked up to see Devin. He wasn’t smiling though he’d been laughing a minute ago.
“You’re really good at this whole ‘damsel in distress’ thing.” He teased, a smile jerking up but never coming.
“Yeah, well you need to learn more on the whole ‘prince charming’ thing.” I teased back, not showing my joy that he was here and not just a figment of my imagination. Or at least I hoped not.
“Oh, so now I’m the prince charming?” he asked, seeming like he was getting angry. “But I’m the bad guy! When did I become prince charming, huh?!”
I twirled and gave him my angelic smile, “When you kissed me.” At that his head and shoulders slumped down.
“I knew I was going to regret doing that.” He muttered.
“Oh, don’t worry about that.” I said evilly “I’ll make sure you do.” He looked up at me now. He didn’t seem angry any more, or sad at all, more like he thought I couldn’t do that.
“And how are you?” he asked playfully, yet there was a hint of seriousness in there, I knew it.
“Well for one, I think Nani is going to band me from ever seeing you. So say goodbye.” I said, though that really wasn’t a way for him to regret it at all. It means less time for him to hypnotoxicate me. This is what he wanted.
“Yeah, that won’t stop me.” he finally smiled.
“Somehow I knew you were going to say that.” I sighed. So I found a different way. “This run is over, I’m gonna go home.” I went on my toes and kissed his cheek, “Bye-bye Devin.” I called as I hung off the branch and jumped to the bottom, it wasn’t that far down after all. I started walking away. I stole a glance at Devin’s completely shocked face.
“That’s what you get for kissing me,” I said meanly, turning back to the trail and then realizing I was lost. Like I knew my way home from the bottom of the overhang, I really am stupid.
<> <> <>
I eventually wandered home around…who knows?! I don’t keep a watch! I probably should. Anyway, I walked through the door and there stood Nani in the hallway, he eyes in glare mode, tapping her right foot on the wooden floor. That could only mean one thing. Grounded.
“You are in so much trouble, Angelea!” she shouted, walking over to me. “Do you have any idea of what time it is?”
“Not really…” I said nervously. I knew there were stars out but, how late could it be? Nani pointed angrily at the clock. It was half past midnight. “Oh.” I said, rubbing the back of my head in embarrassment, “my bad.”
“You’re still grounded.” She said.
“I know.” I sighed “I’m sorry it was such a long run, I bumped into Devin and…” I didn’t need to finish that sentence before I knew I had made a huge mistake.
“You bumped into Devin?” Nani said, trying to keep her temper down.
“Well…yes.” I said in a small voice.
“You-are-so-dead.” She said, pausing between each word to stop her from strangling me right then and there.
“I know.”
“Go to bed, now!”
“You don’t want to talk about this?”
“Fine, you were supposed to be back by lunchtime and you went on the longest walk in history and came back half past midnight!”
“Okay, I’ll take going to bed.” I walked quietly past Nani and into the kitchen, past the kitchen into the stairway going downstairs, which is where my room is, also Nani's across from mine. I went down the stairs and walked to my door. Then I noticed Nani’s room light was on. I let my curiosity get the better of me and I went in. I had been in Nani’s room thousands of times but I had never noticed this before. Normally Nani hung her pictures that she takes –Nani’s a professional photographer –above her bed. But this time, there was something else hanging there.
There was a dress, a ballroom gown. It had frilly light purple sleeves, a black collar and a grey see-through part that went down to the chest area and branched off an either side till it touched the sleeves. In the middle of where it branched, there was a small teardrop shaped hole. From the hole down along the stomach line was more of the grey cloth, it went all the way down the front until it stopped at the middle of the dress, which was marked with a golden-yellow ribbon wrapped around the waist area. All along the grey fabric below the hole had a criss-cross pattern in silky black ribbon. The rest of the top-half of the dress was dark purple (or red, i can't decide). After the golden-yellow ribbon, the dress widened and was –how I’d put it –puffy. One side of the bottom-half of the dress was dark purple (or red) with a black line going to the other side of the dress. On the other side it did the same thing. Leaving the middle of the bottom-half filled with light purple cloth that ended with the same golden-yellow ribbon at the bottom of the dress. It was different than any ballroom gown I’d ever seen.
“Do you like it?” Nani’s voice asked behind me. I turned around quickly and nervously. I thought she’d be mad but I saw a smile on her face.
“Actually, yes. I do like it, it reminds me of a purple (red) rose.” I said, turning back to look at the dress.
“I designed it.” Nani said happily. I now understood why she wasn’t mad at me staring at her dress in her room, she’d wanted me to see her creation.
You designed that dress?” I asked.
“Uh-huh. I’d taken so many pictures of girls in pretty ballroom gowns I finally decided I’d design one, make it, and take pictures of it and stuff. But now I can’t get anyone to wear it, I feel like no one but I should see it…well, except for you of course. I knew you’d encourage my designing dream.” Then I remembered. Grandma would always show me pictures of Nani’s amazing designs when I was little. But Nani always said she loved photography more. And so she went with that instead. But that never stopped her from drawing her designs. This was the first time she’d actually brought it to life.
“How did you make it?” I asked. Sadly, Nani didn’t have a clue of how to sow. Only I knew how, Grandma had taught me.
“Brain saw my design of it and he asked his mother to make it and she did. I was so happy I hung it here above my bed and I may never take it down!” she squealed. She’d never been this excited before. I smiled, I was happy for her.
“Good for you.” I said “now I’m off to bed.” I walked into my room and flopped down on the bed. Now all I had to worry about was whether I was going to have another nightmare, or not.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Chapter 6

"Angelea! What are you doing?! Who's this? You're only twelve!" Nani gasped, out of breath. I looked up at Devin, who was looking at Nani, who was looking at me. Devin had a shocked look on his face, and he seemed indecisive for a moment.
And then he dropped me.
My breath, what was left, since I was still woozy from his kiss, left me in a rush.
"Oof! Um, thanks!" I growled, looking up at him. But he wasn't there. "Devin?" I looked all around, but he was gone. I let myself fall back onto the floor, my arms straight out to my sides. I let out an angry sigh.
"That was Devin? How did he get in? Did you plan to meet him? Why was he here? When did you--"
"NANI!" I shouted. Nani closed her mouth with difficulty and shrank back as I shot to my feet. "I don't know the answers to any of those questions." Nani opened her mouth to say something else, but I cut her off. "Or any others that you might have! And I don't know why he... why he kissed me, either. He was hypnotoxicating me again, and then he... well, you know." I almost made 'kissed' sound like a dirty word, the way I said it.
But that wasn't the way I felt, if I was being honest.
My cheeks burned, and I was so embarrassed.
"Um, can I go for a run?" I asked as I advanced to the door.
"Sure... Brian's going to be a little late, so I guess you can. I want you back by the time I get home."
"Sound like a deal." I said, walking out the door. I closed it a little too roughly behind me and nearly ripping the handle off. I would have to work on that later.
I walked, just walked, not going anywhere in particular.
I was searching.
"Devin," I sighed. "I know you're out here somewhere." I let the drops fall on my skin, feeling the cold water run down my face like tears.

"Let me take all your fears
Let me dry all your tears
Let us run away
To come back another day
When the weather is nice
Us two will suffice."

"Whoa!" I whirled, looking for the person who had said that. I found no one, but I was so sure it had been Devin speaking...
But I was alone. I turned back around and ketp searching.

"All your dreams are torn away
Thrown away and shattered
Your life goes by in days
Seconds are as hours
Years are like a lifetime
And through the rain you wander
Searching for only me."

I knew I was going crazy. I was hearing his voic, wandering through the rain looking for him. I was totally obsessed.
"Angelea," I didn't turn. I knew I was imagining his voice. "Angeleeeeeeeeeea." he crooned. I didn't answer, knowing that no one would be behind me, especially not him. "I'm over here, Angelea."
His voice came from my right now. I turned toward his voice, searching, hoping...
I saw an alley, a very dark alley, and immediately turned away before I could make up my mind to go in. I felt an unnatural breeze flutter past me, and then an evil-sounding laugh from behind me, dissapearing into the rain.

"The unseen is a bad enemy
The dead is the worst."

Was that from a movie I had seen? A book I had read?

I just about jumped out of my skin when I heard the cat's mew. I looked down to see a soggy cardboard box on the side of the alley. "Meow?" I heard the pitiful mew again and again, finally deciding to lift the flap of the box. I found a very wet, very alone kitten. She was gray, white, and black and looked like someone had swirled her colors is a blender for half-a-second and the put it on her. She was marbled. I reached down, hoping that the kitten would let me hold her.
"Here kitty kitty kitty," I crooned. The kitten accepted me, and I cradled her like a baby, as I had seen some cat owners do. She mewed pitifully again, looking up at me with icy blue eyes. She started purring with pleasure the second I started petting her. Her eyes narrowed to icy slits in pleasure.

"Here is a riddle to guess if you can
What makes a monster
And what makes a man."

"Shut up!" I yelled. The kitten squirmed in fright. "Just leave me alone, whoever you are!" The kitten let out a frightened mew, and I gave her a few reassuring pets to calm her down. She became content again.

"The more you take the more you leave behind."
I wandered more.
And then I knew I was hallucinating.
Devin was rounding a corner not ten feet away from me. He looked up and saw me, shock crossing his face. He smiled bashfully, seeming almost embarrassed.
"Devin!" I called, waving. He waved back, his clothes soaked. I realized mine were too. "It's nice to see your hallucination."
"What?" He asked, walking closer.
"You're a hallucination. I know it."
"Angeleeeeea," I heard the voice again, but Devin's lips hadn't moved, further proof to my hallucination theory.
"What are you talking about?" He was close to me now, about a foot away. My eyes were about level with his chest, so I had to look up. The rain didn't help at all, falling on my face like ice. It made me shiver involuntarily.
He stepped closer, until we were less than an inch away from eachother.
"Are you cold?" He asked, looking me in the eye.
"N-n-no." I couldn't bite back my stuttering. Devin chuckled.
"I... think you are." I wondered why he was hesitating, but then I saw how his hand was placed. It was partially extended to me, but he as soon as he noticed that I noticed, he dropped it back to his side.
It was almost like before, like the first time he had hypnotoxicated me.
"S-so get on w-with it!" I growled. He looked away and sighed.
"I don;t want to do this," He murmured. "But I have to."
Once he turned the force f his violet eyes on me, I slumped. Before I could drop the kitten or hit the ground, he caught me, pulling me close. He held the kitten as well. And then...
He had pulled me even closer, bowing me to him. The kitten didn't seem to mind, but only purred in pleasure.
And then he was gone.
"Devin?" I asked after I had recovered. "Devin?"
I walked, adn it was completely dark. The kitten fell asleep in my arms. Nani was probably home right now, wondering where I was.
I wandered home eventually.
"Angelea! Where have you been?" Nani asked nervously.
"Sorry, Nani. I got lost." I sighed groggily.
"It's nearly ten-thirty!"
"How was your date?"
"Good. He got us both ice cream and we saw a movie."
"Cool. Hey Nani, I'm going to bed, okay?"
"Is that a kitten?"

I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow, the wet kitten beside me.

<> <> <>

The next day, Sunday, it was rainy. Rainier. Nani had agreed to let us keep the kitten temporarily, which we had named Skye. Nani had let me hang out outside- in the rain- until lunchtime. I wandered like I did last night, eventually coming to the edge of town. I found a rocky overhang there.
I hadn't seen Devin all day.
I was definitely obsessed.
Maybe if I did something stupid, he would show up. Certainly, if he was to 'take care of me' he would know what I was doing at all times, right?
I stood on the edge of the overhang, my arms out to my sides. I closed my eyes.
My feet were on the edge of the rock as I prepared to jump.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chapter 5 of Bid My BLooD To Run

Chapter 5:

“You’re always hungry!” she laughed.
“Yeah,” I agreed “I am.” Nani seemed confused at how I didn’t get angry or tease her back.
“Are you,” she began then paused to look at me with concern “alright in the head today?” I frowned at that.
“I’m fine in the head.” I said grumpily “I’m just wishing I was out in the rain. But at the same time, the memory of meeting Devin in the rain, then I have a nightmare about him. It kind of holds me back, even though I love the rain so much.” I stared out the window which was clouded with droplets now.
“I’m a little worried for you, Angelea. I think you’re becoming obsessed with this Devin person.”
“I’m not obsessed with him!” I snapped quickly, glaring at Nani. She fell back in fear. I softened. “I-I’m sorry, Nani. I guess I am a little …obsessed.” I sighed. “I think I’m more obsessed with the hypnotoxicating, though. I hate it yet I love it at the same time.”
“Angelea,” Nani said, turning my face to look at her. “I think you’re addicted.”
<> <> <>
Devin walked down the aisle. The walls and floor were all black with a red velvet carpet going down the middle of the floor like a stripe. The walls lined with candles on golden stands. The only noise was the wax dripping off the candles. Soon the aisle opened up into an all black room. The carpet reached to the middle of the room. Where the carpet ended, a circle of candles stood. In the middle of the blood scented candles sat the leader.
“Aki-” Devin started before she interrupted.
“You’re disturbing my séance, Devin.” She said, her voice calm yet angry.
“I have a question.” He explained. The leader looked up at him.
“What is it?” she hissed.
“The girl you’ve ordered me to hypnotoxicate,”
“Yes, Angelea, right?”
“Yeah, it’s more about what I’m doing to her than Angelea herself.”
“Yes?” The leader asked with growing impatience.
“My hypnotoxicating her, she hated it. Then when I went after her a second time, she said she…wanted me to hypnotoxicate her.” The leader let out an unbelievably beauteous chuckle.
“Hypnotoxicating is like…a human drug.” She explained “it’s horrible the first time yet you crave more and more. Addicted, you could say. But also like a human drug, it kills you from the inside.”
“Kills you?” Devin said in a sick voice.
“That’s what you were ordered to do, Devin.” She said, going back to her séance. “That’s what you must do.”
<> <> <>
Nani and I hadn’t spoken to each other since she’d called me addicted. So I finally decided it was now or never.
“Nani?” I asked as she looked up at me.
“Yeah?” she said.
“I’m sorry I snapped at you earlier. I have to say that I know I’m not addicted. It was a new experience, that’s all.” I explained slowly, though I had a hard time believing it myself.
“I believe you. It’s just…” she didn’t finish.
“Just what, Nani?” I asked; my curiosity sparking. It’s done that a lot lately.
“Nothing.” She answered “I don’t even know how to finish that sentence.” She smiled but I could sense she just didn’t want to say anything more. We’d eaten PB&J sandwiches for lunch with milk and shared a chocolate fudge pop tart.
“Maybe this feeling will go away if I face it and go into the rain.” I wondered aloud.
“I have a date, so, you do that.” Nani said distractedly, jumping up and grabbing her black purse from off the counter.
“A date?” I asked curiously, raising an eyebrow. Her cheeks flushed pink when I asked who.
“Oh! I’m too embarrassed!” she squeaked.
“Not as much as you would’ve been if you left for your date with a milk mustache.” I said.
“I don’t have a milk–” she didn’t finish before I took my milk and splashed it in her face.
“Okay, hint taken. It’s with Brian.” She took a rag and dried her face till all the milk was off.
“Brian who?” I asked. Unlike Nani, I press people on things.
“Brian Quiz!” she squealed with delight. I bit my lip in thought. Then it hit me.
“I know Brian!” I shouted “he’s the brown-haired boy who took me to the nurse’s office when my hands were bleeding. I totally forgot about him and never thanked him properly.”
“I’ll tell him!” Then Nani was out the door. I stared after her, blinking in confusion.
“Now I’m alone.” I muttered, getting sad. “Just what I need…”
“I agree.” The voice whispered behind me. I jumped and turned around. Guess who it was? No, duh. It’s Devin. I glared at him.
“You bit me!” I said angrily. He looked at me with this weird confused look.
“I never bit you.” He said.
“Oh yeah, that was a dream.” I said to myself. His eyes widened, then he smirked.
“So you dream about me, huh?” he said in a smug voice.
“You wish.” I growled “only in my nightmares.”
“That’s good.” He said. I had fallen to the floor when he’d frightened me, so now he loomed over me on a chair. He got off and sat on my stomach, like in my nightmare. His violet eyes flared as the hypnotoxicating started.
The world around us dissolved; only me and him. But I could tell he was just as lost in my eyes as I was in his hypnotoxicating. My body numbed and I was barely able to hold myself up with my arms. I could only feel his pressure on my stomach, which was suddenly lifted.
He now sat at my side, head over mine to keep hypnotoxicating me. If I had been standing I would’ve took a step toward him. But no, I had to be on the floor.
“You’re so…” he started, but never finished. I opened my mouth to say something, but I was speechless. So I closed my mouth. I wanted him to finish his sentence. I told him that with my eyes.
“You’re so…irresistible.” He finished. Then everything happened so fast. He closed his eyes and his powers released me. Then he did what I thought he would never do.
He kissed me.
He put his hands around my waist and pulled me close to him. It was one long, non-breathing kiss. Even I was sucked into it. And whoa! That was a short date Nani and Brian had been on, because right as he kissed me, she walked through the door and saw us.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chapter four of Bid my Blood to run

Chapter four:

We stared into eachother's eyes for a long moment. Unconciously, I moved closer to him. He moved closer to me, almost as if he wanted to be close to me for some other reason. Our noses were almost touching now. My eyes fluttered closed, and I moved closer, little by little...
He let out an angry growl, ripping himself away from me. I opened my eyes to see him holding the nearest stopsign, ten feet away, with his back to me. His black shirt clung to his back wetly, soaked in the rain. Slowly, he turned, and only then did I realize his musculature; his shirt clung to his chest, too.
"Don't ever, ever, do that again." He hissed. I was hurt, what had I done?
"Wh-what d-d-did I d-d-do?"
"That's just it! You did abosolutely nothing. Do you not... are you not afraid of me?" He examined my face for some trace of an answer. I shook my head, saying no as well as clearing my mind. I was unable to tear my eyes away from his. He rolled his eyes to the right, staring at what seemed, nothing. His eyes never returned to mine. "You mean you're not repulsed? Terrified?"
"Not... really." I admitted. "Devin, I--" He interrupted me.
"This is much more complicated than I had planned."
And then her was runnning, sprinting wildly away from me.
"Devin, wait!" I called, getting up from the curb and following him. I could never get closer than twenty feet, and as the sun's dim light faded behind the clouds, I lost him. I couldn't even hear his panting breaths or his retreating footsteps. Such a strange boy. I couldn't understand him. First hypnotoxicating, then this?
<> <> <>
It took me a moment to find my way home, and the clouds were starting to clear. Now I could see some stars. A few minutes later, I took my shoes off outside and stepped through the doorway.
"Angelea? Is that you?" Nani asked groggily.
"Yeah. Sorry I'm so late."
Nani sighed. "I was getting worried when it got dark." She said. She yawned and came into veiw, wearing blue pajamas and a powder blue robe.
"Oh, Nani, you're so tired!" I cried.
"And you're so wet." Nani complained. "Hurry up and put some dry clothes on before you catch a chill. Then it's lights out for tonight. It's almost ten."
I nodded.
"I can live with that," I said, yawning. I suddenly realized how tired I was.
"You're tired, too!" she sang.
<> <> <>
I layed down in my bed, pulling my crimson comforter up to my chin. "'Night, Nani!" I called.
"Night, Angelea!" The light in Nani's room went out, and some soft shuffles and the sopft creaking of her bed told me she was almost asleep. I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow.

I was falling, and falling fast. The white cliffs below me, dotted with green that I thought were trees, were approaching too fast. I heard something whoosh around me, louder than the air, and something yanked me up sharply. I stopped falling, and then I was gliding. I saw a dot, perhaps a person, now the clearly visible. It looked like Devin.
"Angelea! Come down here!" The person yelled. I recognized Devin's voice.
"Devin?Is that you?" I shouted.
"Yes! You need to land! Now!"
"Come at me slowly!"
I did as he said, landing horribly and crashing hard into a tree head-first with a solid thunk. Suddenly, Devin was sitting on my stomach with his lips pressed to my throat.
"Such an exotic scent..." He breathed, inhaling deeply. "I wonder how it would taste..." He was suddenly hypnotoxicating me, turning the force of his violet eyes on me once more. I slumped, dumbfounded, and everything went numb.
There was suddenly a dull pain in my wrist, and Devin held it up. I watched myself bleed for moment, and watched Devin's jaw tighten. His mouth was at my wrist now, and the pain increased to a wild burning. He turned to look at me when he heard an ear-splitting scream. I realized it was mine after a moment.
Blood dripped down his chin. He bared his teeth, and his teeth were red with blood.
My blood.

I woke up screaming into my pillow and Nani's hand on my shoulder, shaking me, trying to wake me from my histeria.
"Angelea! Angelea, it's okay! It's okay!"
I screamed when nani touched me, clutching my wrist and squirming away from Nani.
That's when I realized that nothing hurt anymore.
I immediatly stopped screaming, examining my wrist critically.
No blood. No pain.
Nani sighed in releif.
"Geez, what was wrong with you?" she asked urgently.
"Bad dream," I gasped. "Blood and pain... and Devin."
"Devin? Who's Devin?"
"Met him on my run last night."
"Kind of had him on my mind, I guess."
"That must be it," Nani agreed, standing. "Come on, it's time to get up."
I followed her gladly.
<> <> <>
"Angelea, you're shaking."
"You're shaking," Nani repeated, glancing at my hand and back to my face. She reached over to take my shoulder, than thought better of it after wha happenned earlier. I scooped up a spoonful of cereal, watching the milk jump out and the cereal following it.
Wow. I was shaking a lot.
"Wow. I am," I said, surprised.
"Yeah, really." Nani said. She paused, chewing her cereal thoughtfully. "What should we do today?"
I glanced out the window to see that the sky was covered with gray clouds and small raindrops started hitting the window. I sighed.
"Well, we could play a board game." I said, still staring out the window. Nani followed my stare, nodding.
"Too rainy to do anything else." she mumbled. I tossed more shaken cereal in and chewed, nodding.
<> <> <>
We ended up playing Monopoly; we were tied at two games won each. This was our last game until our late lunch, around two p.m.. Nani rolled the dice, grimacing. She moved her token forward, landing on luxury tax. She glanced at her Monopoly money, which was seriously depleted.
"So, if I sell you my folur railroads for one-hundred dollars each, would you buy them?" She offered glumly. I grinned, trying not to look smug.
"Sure," I said, counting out four one-hundred dollar bills. I gave them to her, and she handed me her railroads. I placed them to my right, by all of my other cards. She payed the tax and handed me the dice. I rolled a seven, moving my token on to Oriental Avenue.
"I own it!" Nani exclaimed. "You owe me!"
"Correction: I own it. You used to own it."
I flashed the card at her, showing her proof. She gave me a combination glare/grin, which she was extremely good at. "Two hotels on this one... one hotel on that one..." I murmured to myself, placing hotels on some of my monopolys. Nani's eyes grew bigger as I did.
After a couple more turns, I had sucessfully placed hotels on each of my monopolys. Nani was four spaces from the Free Parking space, which hadn't been harvested through the whole game. Most of the bank was in there. Nani took the dice in her hands and shook. She let the dice fly, and they spun on the board for an eternity.
Finally, one landed: two.
The other landed: two.
She could move four spaces.
She moved her token forward to the space, cheering loudly and taking the money. I only gaped in shock.
"Oh, shut your mouth, Algelea, before you start catching flies."
I did as she said, rolling the dice and moving my token. She counted her money, not caring what happenned next.
"Nine-thousand... ten-thousand... eleven-thousand... eleven-thousand ninety-five. Eleven-thousand ninety-five. That's how much I have." She smiled. I sighed.
I ended up losing the game.

When it finally ended, Nani extended her hand over the board.
"Good game," She said. I shook my head, smiling and shaking her hand.
"Good game," I agreed. "So, what's for lunch?"
Nani smiled.
"You're always hungry!" she laughed.

(Jin, you take it from here. You can make up whatever they have for lunch, okay? I finished chapter four. Hope you liked it.)(and if I don't answer my e-mail, I'm at my grandparent's house, out-of-state.)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stormy Duet

L: Freedom, from the dark stormy rainclouds
H: Freedom, from the doubts in my mind
L: Freedom, from the storm of the century
H: Freedom, from my soul

B: Freedom, from the mist in the darkness
B: Freedom, form that blinding time (H: Time!)
H: Freedom, from the blackness of the sky
L: Freedom, from my mind

L: Freedom, from the dangers of the rain
H: Freedom, from the thoughts i've come to hate
B: Freedom, from the evil in every heart
L: Freedom, from everything that pulls us apart

H: Freedom, from the life i've been living
L: Freedom, from the storm that is coming
B: Freedom, from the time we are in!
H: Freedom, from all that's within

H: Freedom, that's what life's all about
L: Freedom, it what saves me from the clouds
B: We want freedom, that's our sing, that's it
B:Freedom, from our stormy duet

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Check it out

Okay guys, I posted stuff from Tainted Blood up on so check it out!!! yeah! *coughcough*... anyway... um, cool song, Jin. I like it. =] =D

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Song i still don't have a name for...yet

L: Freedom, from the dark stormy rainclouds
H: Freedom, from the doubts in my mind
L: Freedom, from the storm of the century
H: Freedom, from my sould

B: Freedom, from the mist in the darkness
B: Freedom, from that blinding time (H: Time!!)
H: Freedom, from the blackness of the sky!
L: Freedom, from my mind

L: Freedom, from the danger of the rain
H: Freedom, from the thoughts i've come to hate
B: Freedom, from the evil in every heart
L: Freedom, from everything that keeps us apart

Haven't finished song so i don't have a name...yet

(L=low singer H=high singer B=both singers)
L: Freedom, from the dark stormy rainclouds
H: Freedom, from the doubts in my mind
L: Freedom, from the storm of the century
H:Freedom, from my soul

B:Freedom, from the mist in the darkness
B: Freedom, from that blinding time
H: Freedom, from the blackness of the sky
L:Freedom, from my mind