Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bid my blood to run I don't remember the chapter number

Here goes.

Turns out I had a dream about unicorns. Actually, no. I sort of wish I did, though. Okay, I do wish it. I had a nightmare, but it was all too real.
Wire mesh in front of me, like a dog crate, other dog crates in the same room with me. I was scrunched down and in one, too. Which was bad, because I was claustrophobic. Experiments, needles, syringes, equipment...
And the smell.
So strong, so sickening, and it provoked memories I didn't even know I had. It smelled like a docters office, very antisepticky. I didn't know if they were just imagined images from a book I had read or scenes from a movie I had seen... but then I was nearly convinced they were real.
I saw my dad.
And he didn't exactly look in the 'nice' department, let me tell you.
I started screaming when I heard the saw.

"Angelea! It's just your alarm, chill out!"
"Huh? But... the saw..."
"I have no idea what you're talking about, but you need to get up."
I had stopped screaming to talk, and I looked around my room frantically. Skye was looking at me with her ears angled back.
"It's okay, kitty..." I crooned, reaching over to pet her. She purred.
"What was this one about?" Nani asked. I wanted to curl up into a ball and put my hands over my ears, anything to avoid talking about it. "That bad, huh?"
"Yep." was all I said. Nani patted my foot, that was all she could reach, then stretched over to pet Skye briefly. Her hair was already done and she was already dressed, just like always. Finally, something normal.
"Come on, time for breakfast." Nani said as she walked out fo my room. I got up to follow her.

One more thing:
In the dream, I had wings.

<> <> <>

We ate in silence, until finally, I decided to ask her what I had been avoiding. I had been chasing it around in my head all morning, which, okay, wasn't that long. But I Couldn't come up with an answer.
"Um, Nani?"
"Did Dad..." I gulped. "Experiment on... humans?"
Nani whirled to look at me.
"Why would you say that?"
"Just wondering... but did he?"
"I don't think so. I mean, he wasn't like that..."

How would you know, Nani? You were only five.

I fell asleep that night quickly, sinking into a very deep sleep.

I was flying again, and I saw Devin on the cliff edge running and waving his arms.
"Angelea! You need to land! Now!"
Deja vu, anyone?
"That's okay, I think I'll stay up here, thanks."
"No, Angelea, really--"
Then I saw the guys with the guns, and bullets whizzed past me. Those were close!
"Angelea, please!" Devin screamed, waving to me. I dove, but crash landed, just like last time. I was on my back again, and my head hurt terribly.
"Don't shoot, idiots! I want her alive!" Devin yelled, running toward me. I was scraped badly, and Devin kneeled beside me, taking my bleeding wrist and examining it.
"Devin, no... don't..." I gasped. The pain was clouding my brain. I almost shivered when he sniffed at my wrist, his violet eyes closing for an instant.
"You're really... tempting me..." He muttered, opening his eyes again and looking at me.
A strange look came over his eyes, the lust of a need. He kept staring me in the eye as he bit into my wrist, and everything was black but my arm and him.
I would have screamed, if I could have.


StAr said...

wow. very good.

creepy, but excelent

Rose Mary said...

yay! more bmbtr! that's a really lame looking abbreviation.
I love this story.

Jin said...

me too! i lurve that story! OMG! i'm so glad it's finally here! and while reading i was thinking "NOT AGAIN! ANGELEA! HOW COULD YOU FALL FOR IT AGAIN?!"

p.s. it's chapter 8

Rose Mary said...

turns out i had a dream about unicorns. *snicker*

Jin said...

that's so sad. i would be like "GAH! ONLY I COULD DREAM OF THIS TWICE!"

Jin said...

should i take over now Cal? or you still going?