Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Prolouge to the book I am Writing

This is the prologue to the book I am writing. Hope you enjoy!

Jenny was sitting in a tree, her arms folded across her chest. Her legs were dangling from the edge of a branch and her slightly torn blue dress was waving in the slight breeze.
"Why do we always argue?" thought Jenny frustratedly. She was, of course, referring to her only friend in the world, her slave girl named Caitlin. Slave girl though she was, Jenny had grown up with her. A mutual trust unfolded, which soon blossomed into friendship. Caitlin was a month older than Jenny, and as her slave girl, had to do anything Jenny asked. It was also Caitlin's responsibility to make sure Jenny stayed out of trouble. Although allowed, Jenny never asked for much, because they were always too busy running and hiding from her parents to go secretly play in the orchards, or climb the west gate, or even just skip rope.
Jenny's mom had always critisized her trust in Caitlin, often saying, "She's only a slave! She will turn her back on you one day! Why do you treat her so well, she is not your friend, she is not your equal, and she never will be! If I catch you two being friendly-like again, I'll have her whipped!" Jenny never listened to her mothers headings and cautionings though, because she knew that her father would never allow it.
Jenny almost smiled, reminiscing the last time they had run away together. It was only for a short time, heading of to watch the neighbors cats while they were away (Jenny's mom didn't like cats). Then, remembering their spat from earlier that day, the smile and memory vanished and were replaced with a small frown and the argument echoing around Jenny's head.
They were standing in the backyard, a white gazebo hanging over their heads, the sides sweeping down and touching the floor. Jenny had said, "Of course slavery is acceptable! It has been around for years and it's not like it's doing much harm. It helps the economy, and maybe they shouldn't whip slaves, but how else will they keep you in order if you try to run away?"
"Simple," argued Caitlin, "Treat us better an give us more freedoms. Then we would feel more welcome and we wouldn't want to run away!"
"You're slaves you're not meant to feel welcome! At least, not with the rules as they are now. And even if we did give you more freedoms you would get ideas and try to run away even more often that usual! And besides, I can't give you more freedoms, my mom's in charge, and we're only fourteen! There is nothing we can do!"
"We would not run away more often than ussual and we can do something!"
"Would too, and can not!"
"Would not, and can too!"
But by this point Jenny was already running off to her ussual spot in the apple orchards. She had always gone there to escape and hide, ever since she was little. Jenny knew that by running away Caitlin would be punished for losing her, she also knew that Caitlin knew where she was, but knew better to bug her when she ran off to the apple orchards. She had done this once, and Jenny was already so upset, she began picking and throwing all of the apples that she could at Caitlin (To whom she had to apologize to later).
"What is the matter, miss?" Asked a nearby slave. His name was Toby, he had a deep voice, but very bright eyes. They were blue in color, much like Caitlin's. This was Caitlin's uncle, and her current care giver. But because they were slaves, they could not complain (which is probably the only reason that Jenny hadn't been squished to a pulp by him for yelling at Caitlin at times). Toby was the mediator between the two. Because they argued on the regular basis of once a week, very much like sisters do, Toby often had to step in and comfort one or the other. In the next few hours Caitlin and Jenny would apologize to each other.
"Nothing, Toby." Jenny said shortly.
"Now miss, I know that you don't wan to admit it, but that face is full of anger and sadness. What has upset you this time?" Toby asked calmly.
"I said it was nothing Toby!" Jenny was almost yelling.
"All right miss! Please, don't be angry at me, I meant no harm." Toby said quickly, the friendliness falling from his voice, becoming more distant by the second. Toby knew better than to anger any of the masters, in case one of the other slaves told on him for an extra piece of bread.
"Please leave me Toby, I am thinking." Said Jenny quietly. She was thinking about the arguments she had had today, and as Toby walked away a tear fell from one of her dark brown eyes, rolled down her cheek, and fell on her slightly torn dress. Right about then Jenny felt like she didn't have a friend in the world. "No crying Jenny, you're too old to cry." She told herself firmly and again became angry at Caitlin and Toby for thinking they were right.
Jenny may have not known it, but she was trying to hide her sadness and grief with anger, but in reality the argument was slowly eating away at her insides. When Jenny finally realized this, she knew that Caitlin was right, and slavery was wrong. That's when she heard the BANG-BANG of cannon fire, and the yelling and screaming of slaves. A rebellion was starting.



Jin said...

sweet. i'm writing a slave book too. it's called Annali America. i'd tell you what it's about but i haven't started writing it yet. don't get me wrong, i have it all in my head but...WAIT A MINUTE! who the heck are you?! i don't know anyone on our blog named Nira Kily!

Jin said...

OH MY GOSH! FIVE! i have five different ideas for B.M.B.T.R. but i can't use them until Cal finishes! please hurry cal, before i explode. (for all who don't know. B.M.B.T.R. stands for Bid My BLooD To Run, a book cal and i are writing)

Jin said...

does anyone go on besides me anymore?

Caliber said...

Jin, I need ideas! I have a chapter written, but it's only about 2.5 pages long!!! I'm gonna explode if you don't help me!!!!

Caliber said...

btw, its a great start. Keep writing. And also, WHO ARE YOU?!

Rose Mary said...

wow. and it's the guardian. that should be enough info for y'all. except you, cal. you need to know this: she's the one you don't know in the group. wow, I managed to do that without names! if you still don't know who it is check the email address.

Jin said...

WEE! i know who it is! yay!

Nira Kily said...

Hi. This is (should I put my name???) Well, I am the Guardian of Okami and Riley. (Did I spell that right?) Those of you who know me, I hope you enjoy the story. Please leave me a nice long critique! Thanks! :D