Sunday, November 16, 2008

Characters for 'Our Sorrow's Blade'

A book i'm writing. The main character is a ten year old boy named Sasori, yes I stole from Naruto. In the prologe his mother dies, actually he kills her, but he doesn't even knew that. Sasori just falls asleep and turns into someone who he isn't and doesn't even know it, he thinks it's all a dream. Anyway, thats all I have so far. Ideas are needed PLEASE

Girl who looks blind- Not actually blind, but she can see who you really are, sort of like the Shinigami eyes in a weird sort of way, but not. her name is Ronin although it's a dude name. She loves Kumochi because Kumochi is nice to her, where as Sasori tends not to notice her. Might have her killed, Might have Sasori and her fall inlove with her...I dunno

Red head guy- That's Sasori

White haired guy with violet eyes- That is Sasori at nigh they call him Kumochi meaning Cloud Blood

Amd the other girl?- her name is Lirah, not much is known about her but Sasori has a crush on her, though she doesn't like him.Might kill her off too.