Saturday, July 5, 2008

I wrote this for my little sis but it kind of works for how I feel about Jin right now.

Isn't it odd how tears are so clear, invisible even, and yet I cannot see through your tears to what you're really feeling?
Isn't it strange how words have no feel, they aren't touchable or tangible, but your words form such an impenetrable shield that I cannot see what you really think?
and all the while they hurt me, too.

You wear a mask of ice. I try so hard to chip through it and see the real you but you won't let me. do you let anybody? and then you are shocked when I misunderstand you.


Caliber said...

I like it. Mine is, like, emo.

Jin said...

i like emo, it's got more emotion. but i loved that too RM