Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sorry here is Sasori and Kumochi

Characters for 'Our Sorrow's Blade'

A book i'm writing. The main character is a ten year old boy named Sasori, yes I stole from Naruto. In the prologe his mother dies, actually he kills her, but he doesn't even knew that. Sasori just falls asleep and turns into someone who he isn't and doesn't even know it, he thinks it's all a dream. Anyway, thats all I have so far. Ideas are needed PLEASE

Girl who looks blind- Not actually blind, but she can see who you really are, sort of like the Shinigami eyes in a weird sort of way, but not. her name is Ronin although it's a dude name. She loves Kumochi because Kumochi is nice to her, where as Sasori tends not to notice her. Might have her killed, Might have Sasori and her fall inlove with her...I dunno

Red head guy- That's Sasori

White haired guy with violet eyes- That is Sasori at nigh they call him Kumochi meaning Cloud Blood

Amd the other girl?- her name is Lirah, not much is known about her but Sasori has a crush on her, though she doesn't like him.Might kill her off too.

My fav people in our new book: Despair in a Song

Sharpii: Yes, those 4 girls are the same person. the green one is how she looks in spring, the brown in how she looks in fall, the red is in summer, and the blue is in winter. she's a season mage so her appearence alters every season.

Jeb & Josh: Dog Sleeping Twins.

p.s. click on the pics 4 a larger view

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Deep In Darkness: Prologue

I felt the hard blow to my side. "Owch! " I shouted, veering to my left. I grabbed my side, soft thick blood leaking through my fingers. I glanced around me. It had been so stupid of me to think i could last on my own, now I was an open target for him. The next attack was hot and feirce. I ripped at it with my hands, claws replacing fingernails. The blazing punch still hit despite my reckless defense, and it hit my stomach. I lurched forward, trying not to puke. My front was drenched in my liquid blood from this useless battle.
My senses flared but I knew I was doomed. The only escape now would be to run if I could. I started to jolt down the path, fast and silent. My right hand holding my side, my left on my wounded stomach. I should've known running was usless as well when I felt the next hit. The attack drew blood on my back, almost breaking my spine, scorching it with burning heat. The claws ripped at my fragile flesh, and I fell to the ground. I landed in a small puddle of crimson blood that had dripped from my body at my feet. I wanted to screamm but how pointless would that be? I only curled up and hid my face, closing my eyes to the torture of the burnign claws.
"Giving up?" A deep voice asked. Was this my chance? If I gave up, would they spare my life?
"Yes!" I screamed "I give up! I can't run or fight anymore!" A devious laugh rolled through the thundering forest around us. Footsteps circled me. I uncurled my wounded body and rose slowly, no one was in my sighting range. At least until a man walked out from a dark patch in the shadowed trees. He had messy brown hair and a torn white shirt, probablt from my reckless defense. He had blazing wild eyes, full of anxious excitment. The worst part of his presence, though, was he reeked of blood, and his clothes were soaked with it. I gulped, clutching my wounded stomach, what had I done? I'm such an idiot. Of course giving up wouldn't spare my life. It only means I'm letting him kill me without fighting back. I'm pathetic. Even if I escape, these wounds will kill me.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Uchiha Secrets/ Deep In Darkness

The title of this post is the two options of the title of my new book. Please choose one cuz i can't decide.

(Anything in []'s are the way the names are pronounced.)
For my new book i'm using names of my friends only spelled differently. i use the name Jordan for 3 characters: Jordan (girl), Jorden (guy), Jordyn (girl). so if you want to tell me the names of your friends spelled weirdly (like: Ashylii[ashley], a girl from my book as well. Or Alyss[alice], a name not in my book. anything like that.)

the prologue is the death of this girl, who ends up being Tawyni[tawny] Uchiha, mother of Ambyr Uchiha, my main character. And i decided that everyone in her family will have a Y in their name. Her mom: Tawyni[Tawny]. Her little sisters: Jordyn[Jordan] and Caitlyn (who they call Cayte[katie].) and that's all i can say cuz my mom's kicking me off the compy. later.


no one has done a new post in a while. so i figured I'd post this. and the reason the post under this says it was posted today is because i edited the title. hehehehe........