Tuesday, April 22, 2008


how come i'm the only one posting stories and stuff?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Veno Talliscall Tilliana/Love doesn't Care

tillina secoro ni ka rasha yo venescese to le on
poora tello (delo delo)
vito te anna do mela mashona de cana?
veno talliscall tilliana so mo cora scka
telo venon mela ti outo
de tellia un ter ve na
Veno talliscall tilliana


I have to know how hard you cry at night when i'm gone
tell me (please please)'
don't you trust me with all your love anyway?
Love doesn't care when you don't notice that it's there
it's harder for me that i seem to know
how you don't love me
Love doesn't care

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Raptor Food

The dinosaur stalked the smaller dinosaur. The dinosaur was called a Veloca Raptor. It was a beautiful creature. The smaller dinosaur was a compy, small creatures that hunt in large packs. I watched the red-brown raptor hunt and kill the pink-yellow compy. The creatures were in a large forest place with all kinds of strange plants. It started to walk away after killing another dinosaur.
"Darn!" I shouted "I wanted to watch it a little longer."
"Give it up. You'll never be able to watch a raptor completly unless you want to be found and eaten." My compainion, Tally, said to me very rudely. I gave her a hard glare and began to follow the majestic raptor. "Are you nuts?!" Tally whisper shouted "did you not hear anything I just said to you?" I looked back at her, giving her my attempt at the silent treatment.
"Let me follow it." She said proudly, "I'm the expert." Tally followed the raptor, I followed her, quiet as a mouse. Soon the raptor smelled us out, turned around, and attacked Tally. It charged and bit off her brown haired head.
"Yeah," I muttered to the dead body laid before me, "sure you're the expert. You got eat-" The raptor noticed me "-en." I finished. The raptor stared at me with those dark yellow-green eyes and then walked way.

(What did you think? It was an assignment for my Creative writing class.)

Saturday, April 5, 2008


i started this blog so that my friends and i can post bits of our stories so people can aomment on them, also so they can tell the summary of their stories so people can learn about them. also more but i dun know it.