Monday, May 26, 2008

Chapter 2

Chapter 2
I took another step toward him, everything screaming at me to run, every fiber of my being flying into a panicked frenzy.
“Angelea! What are you doing?” someone called from down the hall. Footsteps came toward the two of us, but I could not tear my eyes away from the boy’s. He let out an exasperated sigh, walking away down another hall too quickly. I heard him walk away, his shoes making soft clicks on the tile. I made a move to follow him, but just as I did, his powers released me.
“Angelea? Hello? Angelea?” Nani was shaking my shoulder now.
“Oh, what?” I asked. “Sorry Nani.”
“It’s okay…who was that guy, anyway?”
“I…I don’t know. He had a funny word…it was weird. Hypnotoxicating, I think he said.”
“Hypnotoxicating?” Nani asked.
“Yeah, that was it…I think.” She looked at me, concerned.
“You’re coming to class with me. And what happened to your hands?” she asked as she took my arm and led me to her class.
Nani’s classes passed quickly to her, but not to me. I doodled idly in her notebook during her classes. First I drew an interesting flower, then beautiful eagle wings, then a cute little girl, and some things I didn’t know exactly what they were. The final bell rang as I was shading a large heart that I had recently drawn. Nani shoved her books into her backpack, putting my dropped pencil in the ‘special’ pencil pocket. She said it expanded but she had never let me put my hand in it to see. She also took her notebook, putting it on top of the others.
“Sorry, I’ll bet that was boring.” She said as we stepped out of the classroom.
“Sort of,” I said, shrugging. “It would have been nice I if had, had a book with me, though.”
“You could have gone to the library.”
“You wouldn’t let me go, remember Nani?”
“Oh yeah, I made you come to class with me.” She said. I nodded.
“Yeah, next time, just let me go to the library, okay?” We passed through the doors outside. I looked for the violet-eyed boy, but he was nowhere in sight, and every kid in the school was out here. The buses started to leave and I sprinted to get them to stop. I felt eyes on me when the bus stopped, but I couldn’t be sure. I had taken a step toward the biggest tree when Nani shook me.
“Come on or we’ll miss the bus!”
We climbed the bus stairs, but I could still feel the penetrating eyes as we rounded the corner.
“Hey Nani!” I yelled over the noise of the other kids.
“Yeah?” She called back.
“If you can legally drive, why do we ride the bus?” I asked.
“I dunno, I never thought about it.”
“Yeah, that just occurred to me.”
At home, I plopped down on our tan couch, my backpack next to me. I had what little homework I had completed, and I thought I deserved my giant chocolate bunny that Nani had bought for me for good grades. I turned on the TV and put in a movie, tearing open my chocolate bunny in one bite. About halfway through the movie, I fell asleep.
I woke up to melted chocolate on my fingers. I TV was turned off and the aroma of strawberry vinaigrette salad dressing wafted in from the kitchen. My stomach rumbled.
“Are you awake?” Nani asked from the kitchen.


Jin said...

it's one of those...wait for it, something's gonna happen chapters, when nothing happens but you're just expecting something to. anyway, chapter 3 is when the something happens, chapter 2 is just building up for it...

Jin said...

yes, i know chapter 2 isn't that exciting

Beachbum said...

pretty good. i think you should re-word the sentence, "I had what little homework I had completed,"
it's just really confusing and i think it could be better. are you putting 3 up soon?!

Jin said...

yeah, i'll fix that sentence. it confused even me! and yes, chapter 3 is going up today!