Friday, May 16, 2008


this is the Prologue to my story Bid My BLooD To Run

"What have you done?" i heard a woman scream, "What have you done?! " My eyes opened slowly, my vision blurry, then clear. The room was pitch black but i could see everything. I tried to sit up but my body fell down onto something hard. It was a table, a metal table. I let a groan escape me. My body ached all over, i couldn't even feel my back. I tried to ignore the pain by listening to the converstaion behing an iron door.
"I've made history." a man's voice replied to the earlier scream.
"You made history?!" the woman's high pitched screaming voice was back "You meddled with things you shouldn't!"
"We'll be rich because of this Loretta." Ther man was obviously trying to calm the woman...Loretta.
"Is money worth it?" Loretta asked, i could hear sobs from her between each and every word.
"Of course it is Loretta, of course it is."
"B-but what if it kills her? What if it's not safe? You could've killed her! She still might die..."
"Loretta, i ran tests. It's perfectly safe. She'll be fine." I could tell that since the crying continued Loretta was not satisfyed. The talking stopped, but i was already intruiged. Who was this 'she' girl? i just had to know.
I started to get up before i fell down. "My body..." i breathed "is too weak." I closed my eyes and let myself do nothing but breathe for five seconds. Then i forced my hurting arms to push my weak bosy into a sitting position. I winced and stopped myself from yelling out in pain. I looked around. In the room were tools uppn tools, talbles with rubber straps, tubes with strange labels on them, and knock-out gas. Wonder what that was for...?
There were also cages, ten to be exact. They were dog cages. Intersesting. I thought. I tried to move my legs but ended up only making the pain worse and unbearable. I caught myself on my hands when i fell, which hurt a lot. But my hands couldn't hold me up for long. I fell back onto the metal table. I turned my head up to try again but something caught my eye right above me. I turned my body painfully till i could tell what it was.
It was a white paper with words in big, black, bold letters, it was hanging on a ceiling light. I read the letters in my mind and my eyes widened: Experiment 1, hybrid of 3.
I saw those words and let out a terrified scream. There were noises outside the room then the iron door clicked. It opened quickly. In the doorway was a man with a white coat, black hair, and dark eyes. He held a dog cage in his right hand.
"Looks like you're awake." he said with a smirk. Then an unexpected scream escaoed my lips as it enetered my mind what he was going to do.


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yesh! tomorrow i post chapter 1