Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Haven't finished song so i don't have a name...yet

(L=low singer H=high singer B=both singers)
L: Freedom, from the dark stormy rainclouds
H: Freedom, from the doubts in my mind
L: Freedom, from the storm of the century
H:Freedom, from my soul

B:Freedom, from the mist in the darkness
B: Freedom, from that blinding time
H: Freedom, from the blackness of the sky
L:Freedom, from my mind


Jin said...

no, it does not rhyme

Rose Mary said...

that sounds cool. maybe we should figure out how to do sound, though. i want to hear the tune. and how come we always end up using similar words and stuff? first the black blood thing. now this. i used some of those words in a song i just wrote. i haven't even shown it to you so you can't be copying it, subconsciously or otherwise. weird.

StAr said...

i like it!!!!

personally i carnt sing, or play music. but i like it!!!

poems dont have to ryme, songs are poems

Jin said...

i know, but most people expect it to rhyme, so everytime it doesn't i say that. hahaha! i wrote more! i'm posting the rest!