Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chapter four of Bid my Blood to run

Chapter four:

We stared into eachother's eyes for a long moment. Unconciously, I moved closer to him. He moved closer to me, almost as if he wanted to be close to me for some other reason. Our noses were almost touching now. My eyes fluttered closed, and I moved closer, little by little...
He let out an angry growl, ripping himself away from me. I opened my eyes to see him holding the nearest stopsign, ten feet away, with his back to me. His black shirt clung to his back wetly, soaked in the rain. Slowly, he turned, and only then did I realize his musculature; his shirt clung to his chest, too.
"Don't ever, ever, do that again." He hissed. I was hurt, what had I done?
"Wh-what d-d-did I d-d-do?"
"That's just it! You did abosolutely nothing. Do you not... are you not afraid of me?" He examined my face for some trace of an answer. I shook my head, saying no as well as clearing my mind. I was unable to tear my eyes away from his. He rolled his eyes to the right, staring at what seemed, nothing. His eyes never returned to mine. "You mean you're not repulsed? Terrified?"
"Not... really." I admitted. "Devin, I--" He interrupted me.
"This is much more complicated than I had planned."
And then her was runnning, sprinting wildly away from me.
"Devin, wait!" I called, getting up from the curb and following him. I could never get closer than twenty feet, and as the sun's dim light faded behind the clouds, I lost him. I couldn't even hear his panting breaths or his retreating footsteps. Such a strange boy. I couldn't understand him. First hypnotoxicating, then this?
<> <> <>
It took me a moment to find my way home, and the clouds were starting to clear. Now I could see some stars. A few minutes later, I took my shoes off outside and stepped through the doorway.
"Angelea? Is that you?" Nani asked groggily.
"Yeah. Sorry I'm so late."
Nani sighed. "I was getting worried when it got dark." She said. She yawned and came into veiw, wearing blue pajamas and a powder blue robe.
"Oh, Nani, you're so tired!" I cried.
"And you're so wet." Nani complained. "Hurry up and put some dry clothes on before you catch a chill. Then it's lights out for tonight. It's almost ten."
I nodded.
"I can live with that," I said, yawning. I suddenly realized how tired I was.
"You're tired, too!" she sang.
<> <> <>
I layed down in my bed, pulling my crimson comforter up to my chin. "'Night, Nani!" I called.
"Night, Angelea!" The light in Nani's room went out, and some soft shuffles and the sopft creaking of her bed told me she was almost asleep. I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow.

I was falling, and falling fast. The white cliffs below me, dotted with green that I thought were trees, were approaching too fast. I heard something whoosh around me, louder than the air, and something yanked me up sharply. I stopped falling, and then I was gliding. I saw a dot, perhaps a person, now the clearly visible. It looked like Devin.
"Angelea! Come down here!" The person yelled. I recognized Devin's voice.
"Devin?Is that you?" I shouted.
"Yes! You need to land! Now!"
"Come at me slowly!"
I did as he said, landing horribly and crashing hard into a tree head-first with a solid thunk. Suddenly, Devin was sitting on my stomach with his lips pressed to my throat.
"Such an exotic scent..." He breathed, inhaling deeply. "I wonder how it would taste..." He was suddenly hypnotoxicating me, turning the force of his violet eyes on me once more. I slumped, dumbfounded, and everything went numb.
There was suddenly a dull pain in my wrist, and Devin held it up. I watched myself bleed for moment, and watched Devin's jaw tighten. His mouth was at my wrist now, and the pain increased to a wild burning. He turned to look at me when he heard an ear-splitting scream. I realized it was mine after a moment.
Blood dripped down his chin. He bared his teeth, and his teeth were red with blood.
My blood.

I woke up screaming into my pillow and Nani's hand on my shoulder, shaking me, trying to wake me from my histeria.
"Angelea! Angelea, it's okay! It's okay!"
I screamed when nani touched me, clutching my wrist and squirming away from Nani.
That's when I realized that nothing hurt anymore.
I immediatly stopped screaming, examining my wrist critically.
No blood. No pain.
Nani sighed in releif.
"Geez, what was wrong with you?" she asked urgently.
"Bad dream," I gasped. "Blood and pain... and Devin."
"Devin? Who's Devin?"
"Met him on my run last night."
"Kind of had him on my mind, I guess."
"That must be it," Nani agreed, standing. "Come on, it's time to get up."
I followed her gladly.
<> <> <>
"Angelea, you're shaking."
"You're shaking," Nani repeated, glancing at my hand and back to my face. She reached over to take my shoulder, than thought better of it after wha happenned earlier. I scooped up a spoonful of cereal, watching the milk jump out and the cereal following it.
Wow. I was shaking a lot.
"Wow. I am," I said, surprised.
"Yeah, really." Nani said. She paused, chewing her cereal thoughtfully. "What should we do today?"
I glanced out the window to see that the sky was covered with gray clouds and small raindrops started hitting the window. I sighed.
"Well, we could play a board game." I said, still staring out the window. Nani followed my stare, nodding.
"Too rainy to do anything else." she mumbled. I tossed more shaken cereal in and chewed, nodding.
<> <> <>
We ended up playing Monopoly; we were tied at two games won each. This was our last game until our late lunch, around two p.m.. Nani rolled the dice, grimacing. She moved her token forward, landing on luxury tax. She glanced at her Monopoly money, which was seriously depleted.
"So, if I sell you my folur railroads for one-hundred dollars each, would you buy them?" She offered glumly. I grinned, trying not to look smug.
"Sure," I said, counting out four one-hundred dollar bills. I gave them to her, and she handed me her railroads. I placed them to my right, by all of my other cards. She payed the tax and handed me the dice. I rolled a seven, moving my token on to Oriental Avenue.
"I own it!" Nani exclaimed. "You owe me!"
"Correction: I own it. You used to own it."
I flashed the card at her, showing her proof. She gave me a combination glare/grin, which she was extremely good at. "Two hotels on this one... one hotel on that one..." I murmured to myself, placing hotels on some of my monopolys. Nani's eyes grew bigger as I did.
After a couple more turns, I had sucessfully placed hotels on each of my monopolys. Nani was four spaces from the Free Parking space, which hadn't been harvested through the whole game. Most of the bank was in there. Nani took the dice in her hands and shook. She let the dice fly, and they spun on the board for an eternity.
Finally, one landed: two.
The other landed: two.
She could move four spaces.
She moved her token forward to the space, cheering loudly and taking the money. I only gaped in shock.
"Oh, shut your mouth, Algelea, before you start catching flies."
I did as she said, rolling the dice and moving my token. She counted her money, not caring what happenned next.
"Nine-thousand... ten-thousand... eleven-thousand... eleven-thousand ninety-five. Eleven-thousand ninety-five. That's how much I have." She smiled. I sighed.
I ended up losing the game.

When it finally ended, Nani extended her hand over the board.
"Good game," She said. I shook my head, smiling and shaking her hand.
"Good game," I agreed. "So, what's for lunch?"
Nani smiled.
"You're always hungry!" she laughed.

(Jin, you take it from here. You can make up whatever they have for lunch, okay? I finished chapter four. Hope you liked it.)(and if I don't answer my e-mail, I'm at my grandparent's house, out-of-state.)


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