Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chapter 5 of Bid My BLooD To Run

Chapter 5:

“You’re always hungry!” she laughed.
“Yeah,” I agreed “I am.” Nani seemed confused at how I didn’t get angry or tease her back.
“Are you,” she began then paused to look at me with concern “alright in the head today?” I frowned at that.
“I’m fine in the head.” I said grumpily “I’m just wishing I was out in the rain. But at the same time, the memory of meeting Devin in the rain, then I have a nightmare about him. It kind of holds me back, even though I love the rain so much.” I stared out the window which was clouded with droplets now.
“I’m a little worried for you, Angelea. I think you’re becoming obsessed with this Devin person.”
“I’m not obsessed with him!” I snapped quickly, glaring at Nani. She fell back in fear. I softened. “I-I’m sorry, Nani. I guess I am a little …obsessed.” I sighed. “I think I’m more obsessed with the hypnotoxicating, though. I hate it yet I love it at the same time.”
“Angelea,” Nani said, turning my face to look at her. “I think you’re addicted.”
<> <> <>
Devin walked down the aisle. The walls and floor were all black with a red velvet carpet going down the middle of the floor like a stripe. The walls lined with candles on golden stands. The only noise was the wax dripping off the candles. Soon the aisle opened up into an all black room. The carpet reached to the middle of the room. Where the carpet ended, a circle of candles stood. In the middle of the blood scented candles sat the leader.
“Aki-” Devin started before she interrupted.
“You’re disturbing my séance, Devin.” She said, her voice calm yet angry.
“I have a question.” He explained. The leader looked up at him.
“What is it?” she hissed.
“The girl you’ve ordered me to hypnotoxicate,”
“Yes, Angelea, right?”
“Yeah, it’s more about what I’m doing to her than Angelea herself.”
“Yes?” The leader asked with growing impatience.
“My hypnotoxicating her, she hated it. Then when I went after her a second time, she said she…wanted me to hypnotoxicate her.” The leader let out an unbelievably beauteous chuckle.
“Hypnotoxicating is like…a human drug.” She explained “it’s horrible the first time yet you crave more and more. Addicted, you could say. But also like a human drug, it kills you from the inside.”
“Kills you?” Devin said in a sick voice.
“That’s what you were ordered to do, Devin.” She said, going back to her séance. “That’s what you must do.”
<> <> <>
Nani and I hadn’t spoken to each other since she’d called me addicted. So I finally decided it was now or never.
“Nani?” I asked as she looked up at me.
“Yeah?” she said.
“I’m sorry I snapped at you earlier. I have to say that I know I’m not addicted. It was a new experience, that’s all.” I explained slowly, though I had a hard time believing it myself.
“I believe you. It’s just…” she didn’t finish.
“Just what, Nani?” I asked; my curiosity sparking. It’s done that a lot lately.
“Nothing.” She answered “I don’t even know how to finish that sentence.” She smiled but I could sense she just didn’t want to say anything more. We’d eaten PB&J sandwiches for lunch with milk and shared a chocolate fudge pop tart.
“Maybe this feeling will go away if I face it and go into the rain.” I wondered aloud.
“I have a date, so, you do that.” Nani said distractedly, jumping up and grabbing her black purse from off the counter.
“A date?” I asked curiously, raising an eyebrow. Her cheeks flushed pink when I asked who.
“Oh! I’m too embarrassed!” she squeaked.
“Not as much as you would’ve been if you left for your date with a milk mustache.” I said.
“I don’t have a milk–” she didn’t finish before I took my milk and splashed it in her face.
“Okay, hint taken. It’s with Brian.” She took a rag and dried her face till all the milk was off.
“Brian who?” I asked. Unlike Nani, I press people on things.
“Brian Quiz!” she squealed with delight. I bit my lip in thought. Then it hit me.
“I know Brian!” I shouted “he’s the brown-haired boy who took me to the nurse’s office when my hands were bleeding. I totally forgot about him and never thanked him properly.”
“I’ll tell him!” Then Nani was out the door. I stared after her, blinking in confusion.
“Now I’m alone.” I muttered, getting sad. “Just what I need…”
“I agree.” The voice whispered behind me. I jumped and turned around. Guess who it was? No, duh. It’s Devin. I glared at him.
“You bit me!” I said angrily. He looked at me with this weird confused look.
“I never bit you.” He said.
“Oh yeah, that was a dream.” I said to myself. His eyes widened, then he smirked.
“So you dream about me, huh?” he said in a smug voice.
“You wish.” I growled “only in my nightmares.”
“That’s good.” He said. I had fallen to the floor when he’d frightened me, so now he loomed over me on a chair. He got off and sat on my stomach, like in my nightmare. His violet eyes flared as the hypnotoxicating started.
The world around us dissolved; only me and him. But I could tell he was just as lost in my eyes as I was in his hypnotoxicating. My body numbed and I was barely able to hold myself up with my arms. I could only feel his pressure on my stomach, which was suddenly lifted.
He now sat at my side, head over mine to keep hypnotoxicating me. If I had been standing I would’ve took a step toward him. But no, I had to be on the floor.
“You’re so…” he started, but never finished. I opened my mouth to say something, but I was speechless. So I closed my mouth. I wanted him to finish his sentence. I told him that with my eyes.
“You’re so…irresistible.” He finished. Then everything happened so fast. He closed his eyes and his powers released me. Then he did what I thought he would never do.
He kissed me.
He put his hands around my waist and pulled me close to him. It was one long, non-breathing kiss. Even I was sucked into it. And whoa! That was a short date Nani and Brian had been on, because right as he kissed me, she walked through the door and saw us.


Rose Mary said...

lol! awkward! hahahaha! loved it. i was laughing so hard as i read it.

Jin said...

really? i didn't think it was that funneh....

Caliber said...

I think it was great! Let me start chapter 6! I'll hurry, trust me!!!

Caliber said...

here's some I'll post all of it later when It's written.

"Angelea! hat are you doing?! ho's thiS? You're only twelve!" Nani gasped, out of breath. I looked up at Devin, who was looking at Nani, who was looking at me. Devin had a shocked look on his face, and he seemed indecisive for a moment.
And then he dropped me.
My breath, what was left, since I was still woozy from his kiss, left me in a rush.
"Oof! Um, thanks!" I growled, looking up at him. But he wasn't there. "Devin?" I looked all around, and he was gone. I let myself fall back onto th flor, my arms straight out to my sides.

That's all I have for the moment but I'm writing.

Caliber said...

*What are you doing" *Who's this" *floor
sorry for the typos I'm not used to laptops.

Jin said...

i already like it.