Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Raptor Food

The dinosaur stalked the smaller dinosaur. The dinosaur was called a Veloca Raptor. It was a beautiful creature. The smaller dinosaur was a compy, small creatures that hunt in large packs. I watched the red-brown raptor hunt and kill the pink-yellow compy. The creatures were in a large forest place with all kinds of strange plants. It started to walk away after killing another dinosaur.
"Darn!" I shouted "I wanted to watch it a little longer."
"Give it up. You'll never be able to watch a raptor completly unless you want to be found and eaten." My compainion, Tally, said to me very rudely. I gave her a hard glare and began to follow the majestic raptor. "Are you nuts?!" Tally whisper shouted "did you not hear anything I just said to you?" I looked back at her, giving her my attempt at the silent treatment.
"Let me follow it." She said proudly, "I'm the expert." Tally followed the raptor, I followed her, quiet as a mouse. Soon the raptor smelled us out, turned around, and attacked Tally. It charged and bit off her brown haired head.
"Yeah," I muttered to the dead body laid before me, "sure you're the expert. You got eat-" The raptor noticed me "-en." I finished. The raptor stared at me with those dark yellow-green eyes and then walked way.

(What did you think? It was an assignment for my Creative writing class.)


Jin said...

yes, it is a little weird. don't judge me.

Rose Mary said...

"sure you're the expert"
just out of curiosity, why does she just mock her companion when she dies?

Jin said...

i dunno, she's evil. or so used to seeing people get eaten by dinosaurs she's gotten used to not freaking out...